American Idol recap: Kreedom and the Candy Girl

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison both prompt Keith Urban to throw up his gospel hand in the season 12 finals
Ep. 36 | Aired May 15, 2013

BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK "Come on, Candice, lemme simulate tomorrow's confetti shower." --crafty Idol producers



Kree, Patty Griffin's "Up to the Mountain": Yes! This reprise of Kree's standout effort from the Vegas round was just what she needed to close out the night (before Candice would swoop in and REALLY close it out). Kree looked stunning in that flowy red dress and didn't need to put on any airs or access any foreign energy from deep inside -- the two sets of backup singers and swelling orchestra were there to do that for her. Which is not to take away from Kree's alternating strong and subtle vocals. I just mean this was the perfect type of song for which Kree should be a frontwoman.

It was nice. Not mind-blowing, but a great moment for her. "That right there is a winning performance," Randy said, just in case.

Candice, Shirley Bassey's "I (Who Have Nothing)": YES! The finals were just fine up until this point -- but when Candice drawled out the ENTIRE first verse of this song a cap-freaking-pella, I finally felt like oh, thank God, someone is desperate to win this thing. Candice wants it, Ryan! And that majestic build at the end was just... well... why am I even trying to describe it in words?


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Overall on the night, I didn't think there was a blatant dud in the lineup (Kree's "Angel" was sleepy, but come on, so is that song). But after Candice's incredible final crescendo. I'd say the more deserving winner is clear. To borrow on Candice's most powerful note of the night, there's no "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" she should lose this.

Kree is a finely tuned, consistent performer who can go far in the real world, but Candice can put on one hell of a SHOW in reality TV land. Her vocal gymnastics are just insane. And contrary to what the judges suggested over the course of the season, I see no reason she couldn't sell a soul record in the style of Adele.

Who's got your vote? See you back here tonight for the season 12 finale!

Where does 'Kree vs. Candice' fall among the best 'Idol' finale matchups ever?

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