American Idol recap: Stevie, Take the Wheel

Stevie Nicks mentors the Top 9 contestants, and breaking news from Randy: They all want to win it!
Ep. 23 | Aired Mar 28, 2012

SHE'S LETTING GO "It doesn't matter about your big voice," Stevie Nicks told Hollie Cavanagh during an emotional mentoring session. "It matters about your heart."


On the opposite end of the spectrum is Phillip Phillips, who is not necessarily a melodic genius but is truly captivating and a live wire when he performs. Phillip sang "Still Rainin'" by Jonny Lang, prompting the judges to give their third standing ovation of the night. Why you gotta make J. Lo stand up, P. Phil? She's sick of it!

During their mentoring sesh, Stevie told the 21-year-old that if he'd been friends with her and Lindsey Buckingham in 1975, "Mick Fleetwood would have said 'I want all three of you to join Fleetwood Mac.' No doubt in my mind, because you're that good." She made sure to add later, "And last but not least, he's gorgeous."

My lifelong devotion to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac could be blinding me here, but I have to admit I started to see Phillip as a more viable artist with serious star power immediately after she said that. That's how easy I am. That's how much I trust her judgment. I mean, what do I know? Nothing. Stevie knows all.

No way are these two different people.

Joshua Ledet's cover of Mariah Carey's version of "Without You" started off a little shaky, but I could have been disoriented by all the weird "unfinished trees" he had to navigate onstage. There were even some digital hack-job trees in the giant oval behind him. Pretty scary stuff. I had no idea this song required an eerie doomsday forest.

Perhaps the theme of the segment was "sap." After Joshua took us to church again with a hearty helping of vocal acrobatics, he became extremely emotional and even wiped his nose in the middle of the last line of the song. Unheard of! Standing O from the judges! So at this point they had stood up for every guy, and J. Lo would soon be forced against her will to rise to her feet for Elise. That seems fair.

Anyway, I liked this from Joshua -- it reminded me of last week's "She's Got a Way," but in this case the song actually did warrant his histrionics and a big crescendo.

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