American Idol recap: You Go, Guys (Two-Thirds of You)

Ten of the Top 15 men get to sing while the rest fester in the Dumpster Outside Randy's Workshop
Ep. 12 | Aired Feb 19, 2014


Emmanuel Zidor, The Emotions’ "Best of My Love": This flamboyant cartoon character delivers a hard-hitting prance, if that is such a thing. It is now! What an original artist! Emmanuel punctuated his homage to season 4's Vonzell Solomon with an aggressive point to his own cheek on the line "love has kissed me in a beautiful way." It was funny for a few seconds but became too cheesy too soon, more of a visual fail than anything else. "Make sure you sing the song," Harry advised the disco diva.

You know I'll take an impromptu celebration of the Boogie Nights soundtrack (disc 1) anywhere I can get it -- but "A Shade Shady (Now Prance)" might have been a more appropriate song choice for Emmanuel… and just about as relevant.

Sam Woolf, David Gray’s "Babylon": "The people like you, Sam," said Keith. "Everybody's already fallen in love with you!" said Jennifer. So that settles that then. And they're RIGHT. This guy has the face of a frostbitten angel. I hope they never correct his rosy cheeks with layers upon layers of evil makeup. This was a very smart song choice; most adults remember it fondly as perhaps the only David Gray song they knew really well at a certain point in their lives. And for younger viewers who might not know it -- well, that face. Sam's quiet humility and adorable face should get him through. Harry hoped we'd see more moments of confidence throughout the season. I saw and heard a few tonight. Perhaps Harry (but not Sam!) needs to look down at his personal TV screen, as Keith does.

George Lovett, Bruno Mars’ "Grenade": Huh. This was a non-spectacular flameout from a contestant we don't know too well, the melodrama of his intense facial expressions and flails matched only by the regularity and repetition of his vocal runs. I saw hints of potential greatness at the end, and gosh is this guy cute (and TALL), but I doubt he did enough to make the Top 5 Guys. He mostly seemed terrified and lost.

Dexter Roberts, Craig Morgan’s "This Ole Boy" ft. Dexter's White Tank Top: Sorry! The tank was prominent. We also got lots of shots from behind of Dexter wiggling his butt during this competent but not quite distinctive country cover. Keith reminded Dexter he's one of a thousand guys just like him frontin' bands in honky tonks right now. Jennifer liked that Dexter wasn't nervous and said "for this, for American Idol, you did your thing." What? Is Randy hiding somewhere under the table/within the folds of her beautifully billowing pants and feeding her lyrics of such exquisite vaguery?

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