American Idol recap: A Lovely Night

The final four perform three love songs by some big name artists while J. Lo starts to give the competition away.
Ep. 34 | Aired May 7, 2014

Alex Preston, "Too Close" by Alex Clare: Alex has gotten much better at putting his own spin on songs without completely butchering the original. Harry really likes that he's able to bring his own style each week; it shows he's a thinker. I agree more with Keith, though, when he says the performance needed a little more weight to it. Like, just a foot stomp, or a fist pump, or something, for God's sake. Please, just do something! Alex is a great musician, but that was clear from his first audition. He hasn't been able to prove himself as a performer yet. Alex shouldn't get too in his head about this Idol experience, because no matter what happens, it's ending soon, buddy.

Jena Irena, "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar: Keith must have hit his head when he fell down that invisible trapdoor, because he didn't feel an energetic release from Jena's performance. You, Mr. Urban, are a heartbreaker! I thought Jena was killer, and agree with J. Lo that the performance actually showed what great control and command she has of the stage. Not to mention the bridge, when the band dropped out and Jena's voice synched beautifully with the backup singers. That shows she really knows a lot for her age. Remember, she's only 17. Harry gave Jena a 10/10 for vocals, but suggested she take her shoes off and jump around a bit more. But Harry -- how can someone wear heels and command a stage at the same time? Just get J. Lo to give you a little runway walk -- 'cause you KNOW you can't just give J. Lo a beat and not expect anything.

Caleb Johnson "Travelin' Band" by Creedence Clearwater Revival: The judges didn't really have much to say about Caleb's performance because they think, once again, that he "killed it." J. Lo is becoming more and more obvious about her love for Caleb, and the fact that she pretty much thinks he's already won this competition. In fact, she makes several comments throughout the night comparing all the other contestants to him specifically -- clearly, she thinks he's the one to beat. Well, in an ho-hum season like this, he is. Caleb's consistency is the best thing he has going for him. He usually makes terrific song choices, and as long as he keeps doing things in his wheelhouse, he'll always be able to rock out.

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