American Idol recap: Such a Beautiful Disaster

Top Top 13 announce 'This Is Me' to the swaying teens, with varying results
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 26, 2014


Emily Piriz, Pink’s "Glitter in the Air": Could it be? Another vocally strong performance? The second hour felt like a totally different show. This was a tall order for Emily here, taking on a Pink song. Keith reminded her to not forget the edge in order to balance out the beauty of her vocals (as is the Pink way). Specifically, Keith wondered "Where is the yang?" He could certainly try hunting around in his own hairstyle; that way it would have no choice but to move.

I definitely get what he was saying, but don't think Emily needed to be draped in some sort of edgy costume to set herself apart. Her *intonation* (season 13 vocab) was undeniable tonight -- plus, she's easily the most enthusiastic sideline dancer of the bunch. Slow and steady screen time could win the race!

Sam Woolf, Matchbox 20′s "Unwell": Arrrrgh. I was disappointed with this effort from Sam; I must've thought he had a lot more going on as an artist. Had I been blinded by the baby face and perfect pitch? It happens. There's a difference between finding the inherent energy of a song and drawing something unique out of it and bouncing up and down in one place until I just want to smush my hand on top of your head and root you to the stage. I will have to go back and check, but I believe the latter is what has happened every time.

Maybe it was the fact that he'd chosen to sing a Matchbox 20 song in 2014, but I felt nothing. I agreed with Harry, who wished the vocal had better matched the lyrics about being messed up. "You're kind of a perfect singer… I didn't think it was great; I thought it was nice." But maybe America will vote for nice?

J. Lo has now called both Sam Woolf and M.K. Nobilette "a quiet storm." Who's next? My money's on Taylor Hicks, who was rendered silent during a pan to him in the audience, but is clearly bursting with discussion topics.

Caleb Johnson, Rival Sons’ "Pressure and Time": You wanna rock, Taylor? OKAY! I'm not sure if this cover sounded like the "modern rock type of record" Caleb said he hoped he would put out, but maybe that's because he is so entirely visual in his performances, and the visual happens to suggest he's trapped in the '70s or '80s. Hey, as long as he has the vocal chops to back it up, who cares? This is a television show after all, and I'd like to be entertained on both ends.

Keith warned Caleb to remember to eventually "put a twist" on his personal shtick, but I think he'll have no problem doing that. For "This Is Me" night, Caleb's smoke-and-wails extravaganza was perfect.

Unsung Hero of the Night:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.28.03 PM

Endlessly Grinning Dummer!

Five things about me in 20 seconds:

1. Six feet tall.
2. Obsessed with beets and olives against all odds.
3. Still never sleep.
4. Can't f*cking stand the "Keep Calm and..." campaign even though I know it's the f*cking answer to all my problems.
5. If I didn't need to make any money, I'd write a recap of the sunset every night and that would be it.

Now you go!

Who did you love and loathe tonight, friends? Who really sold you on who they were? Who was the best at touching hands?


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