American Idol recap: Down With This Ship

Is 'American Idol' waving a 'White Flag' with these mediocre Top 12 performances?
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 5, 2014


Malaya Watson, Tamala Mann's "Take Me to the King": This gospel tune, which Malaya wisely started at the piano so she could CALM DOWN, was a vast improvement on last week's mess, which landed her in the bottom two. She hit a few power notes I was Feelin' with a capital F, honey. I still wouldn't call it a consistent performance, but along with Caleb's prog rock workout video, it was the the most compelling song of the night for me. (Things are looking pretty bleak, y'all.) Harry commended Malaya for not running off the rails (a triumph!) and trading the message of a gospel song vs. the familiarity of a pop song. Will it work?

Ben Briley, David Nail's "Turning Home": Poor Ben had no family or special friends in the audience, so the camera cut to two empty chairs to signify the gaping void in his life. I thought this was a solid performance by Ben -- vocally it was spot-on, but performance-wise, once again, he just didn't leap out at me with any sort of magic. (Where are the wizards this season? Whither the fairies? I must have gnomes!) I think this is maybe what Keith was trying to say, but more nicely, when he belabored Ben's focus on the technicality of the notes. "You could close your eyes and sing and not move a muscle and you would hit me more," he promised. Eh? Really? What would be the point of that? Guaranteed the vocals would sound exactly the same.

Harsh Harry for the soul-crush: "I did not connect with it and it felt shouted for me." And he wasn't buying that Jennifer disagreed. "Do ya?" he challenged her. Okay, now everyone just shut up and eat a deviled egg. (Jealous!)

Majesty Rose, Coldplay's "Fix You": Extricating herself from "the quiet zone" at the beginning of the song was a mistake -- but hey, at least she tried it. I still want to see a complete slowed-down performance from her. So a bit of a disappointing week for Majesty. However: How adorable was that opening segment of her hometown and her preschool kids?! I suspect that if Majesty Rose is your preschool teacher, you are set for life in terms of a positive mindset and The Warmth of Human Possibility Glowing From Within. For LIFE.

Singers "guaranteed" for the Top 11 according to Keith Urban: Emily, Sam, and Majesty.

Now here it is, your moment of Zen:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.50.49 PM

He's such an Ellen.

Which of the Top 12 did you love/loathe tonight -- or were they all just a heavy sigh of indifference?


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