American Idol recap: Down With This Ship

Is 'American Idol' waving a 'White Flag' with these mediocre Top 12 performances?
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 5, 2014


Dexter Roberts, Montgomery Gentry's "Lucky Man": This dog trainer's dog just had puppies, so does he even need to sing? Put him on through! But Dexter should have no problem sticking around this week after offering up his sensitive side and bein' "real mellow" about it on this slow number. Harry called country music "one of the last vestiges for soulful, introspective, clever lyrics." Someone download this man a few Robyn singles, stat!

Emily Piriz, Jennifer Lopez's "Let's Get Loud": Sorry, fellas! J. Lo Jr. has a boyfriend in the Marine Corps. Way to make her cry right before her performance, producers. Ha, maybe that was J. Lo's call. This was neither a rollicking sexy party nor a vocal stunner -- so even though the song riled up the crowd and hello OMG the real Jennifer Lopez is sitting right there, it never really amounted to anything. For example:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.50.28 PM

Seems like a lot of pressure to put on the brass section! This just didn't work.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.50.37 PM

And the teased pony suddenly made sense.

Caleb Johnson, Rush's "Working Man": Here's a weird thing: I think I would like Caleb better if I saw him livin' in the limelight in a different Asheville, NC bar each week (10 different music venues on one street!) than if I saw him perform 10 times on the American Idol stage. His performance style is predictable, yes. But that VOICE! Aside from Malaya's occasional power notes later on, Caleb had by far the most energy and vocal strength of the night, and his precision outshone Malaya by miles. This guy is a technician. And no one's ever done Rush before on Idol, so big hugs to him just for that. (How is that possible? They even had a Rush Week!)

J. Lo went ahead and assured viewers of what's in store for Caleb later in the season: He'll sing softly. Bear some other stuff out. Discover himself without a band.

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