American Idol recap: Tracks of My Tears

One of the Top 8 heads home; Keith Urban performs
Ep. 23 | Aired Mar 28, 2013

HONEY BUNCHES OF OOPS Following their shaky Motown trio, Lazaro and Burnell joined Devin in the bottom three.


Meanwhile, One Republic played "If I Lose Myself" featuring the vocal stylings of Idol alum and current Smash star Katharine McPhee, who was really sexing it up with a tanned midriff under a leather crop top. I had no idea this was the new plan for her. Karen's gone wild! Well, not really, it's just a PG-rated shoulder snuggle with Ryan Tedder is all. She sounded great, but I still think of show tunes whenever I hear her voice. Not sure that can be helped at this point. But maybe!

Colton Dixon's Christian contemporary music career is heating up! The spiky-haired blondie who brought us "some of the most memorable moments from last season" has topped the digital charts as well as the Christian and Gospel Billboard charts. That's a ton of charts. He animatedly belted out his new single "Love Has Come For Me" (love = the American Idol results show = $$$) and then hugged Angie Miller, who'd covered his other song "Never Gone." They'd never met! I assumed they were already friends. I know nothing.

I'm fine with this elimination, really. Devin wasn't doing it for me as a performer, and I'm interested to see if Lazaro can learn the words to two more songs. Never say never!

What about you -- are you upset about Devin? Or shall I rephrase -- are you upset Lazaro stayed?

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