American Idol recap: No Time For Losers

One of the Top 7 heads home, one of the Top 3 is a travesty, and Carrie Underwood performs
Ep. 25 | Aired Apr 4, 2013

SHOW-OFF Wait, now Lazaro know the words?!


The judges each picked their Top 3. Nicki was not told this would air live!

Keith: 1. Kree 2. Angie 3. Amber
Nicki: 1. Angie 2. Amber 3. Kree
Randy: 1. Amber, 2. Kree 3. Angie
Mariah: 1. Kree 2. Amber 3. Candice

Not a man in sight!

SPEAKING OF WHICH, how freakin' hot is Casey James? I'd forgotten all about that Other Time in Idol History when male contestants with this much sex appeal had been permitted to participate. The season 9 fan fave, who's recently hit #2 on the Billboard Country chart, is rocking some lowlights instead of the bleached-blond mop of hair I only vaguely remembered. He looked so rested and healthy and happy to have found The Perfect Shirt For Him to Wear. I couldn't believe that this soft, heather grey, easy-breezy warm hug of a garment had not been Casey's first choice. He had to go buy it at the mall after a chance, ill-fated run-in with Kara DioGuardi just off-set had left him as shirtless as he'd been at the season 9 auditions.

Just kidding; Kara wasn't there. Casey just plain old didn't have a shirt. Nor should he! But the grey tee was a good call. "We're happy this was your choice," raved a dreamy-eyed Ryan Seacrest.

Casey sang his single "The Good Life." It was more of a visual delight than a vocal one for me, but he sounded fine and I liked how his guitar-playing offered the illusion of quirky shoulder twitches. At one point Casey sang about pancakes and my honest-to-God thought was "This is all I've ever wanted out of American Idol."

Snap out of it, Barrett! You know that's not true. I'm looking for MOMENTS, Ryan! Anyway, everyone's new best friend Casey brought don't-be-homesick gifts for all of the contestants. I hope they were more shirts from the mall!

Idol's greatest hit Carrie Underwood dropped by looking drop-dead gorge in a belted orange-y pink gown to perform "See You Again." Everything about this girl just screams DAZZLING SUPERSTAR to me -- I'm consistently *blown away* upon looking at her. And I will never, ever tire of that priceless footage of Carrie strolling through an unremarkable field in her Oklahoma hometown, telling the American Idol cameras how she's never been on a plane before and wonders sometimes how she'd fare living in a big city. Oh, the earnestness! One girl with a dream! Loved all of it.

Are you furious that Lazaro made the Top 3, or did you somewhat expect this? Discuss!

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