American Horror Story recap: A Very Aggressive Form of Treatment

Old threats and new ones torment the Salem witches, while Zoe tries to discover what happened to Madison
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 13, 2013

SPEAK TO US, SPIRITS Queenie communes with the higher powers. Said higher powers really ought not to be communed with.

Michele K. Short/FX

Upstairs, the trio of young witches interrogated Spalding using methods both direct and indirect. The direct method involved heating a spatula and burning his chest. The indirect method required Nan to read his mind whenever Zoe asked a question. This scene was a showcase for Denis O'Hare, delivering a glowering monologue in voiceover as he seethed silently, and for Jamie Brewer, delivering deadpan shorter versions of Spalding's responses. ("I'm a man of uniquely developed appetites" became simply "Sex.")

Queenie burnt her own cheek, marking Spalding's with a nasty scar. She talked about killing the mute butler. Zoe shook her head, no. She didn't think he had killed Madison, no matter what his thoughts said. She had a strategy. And that strategy required someone with the power of life over death.

Cue Misty Day, local necromancer and earth mother, who we found watering her garden. Actually, she was watering a rather shallow grave. Myrtle's hands poked through, but Misty pushed her back in, presumably because the burnt witch's skin still needs to heal. One of Misty's other projects appeared behind her: Kyle, aka FrankenBoy, who really needed a bath.

She washed him in her tub, while a Stevie Nicks tuned played in the background. (I believe it was "Leather & Lace," a duet between Nicks and Don Henley.) Unfortunately, Kyle suffered an aggressive flashback to his incestuous mama, and raged around Misty's shack. He demolished her stereo, stealing her darling Stevie away from her. "You're just a big old monster!" declared Misty. Zoe arrived at this moment, asking for help. "Get him out of here," said Misty. "He broke Stevie."

At Miss Robichaux's, Zoe chained up her reanimated boytoy and asked Misty what she could do about the Metaphorically Decomposing Corpse of Emma Roberts. Misty was skeptical. Madison was dead a long time, already rotting. Resurgence, it seems, gets more difficult when the deceased isn't freshly dead. Misty asked for Zoe's help, telling her to push on the dead girl's stomach. (ASIDE: Misty may have needed Zoe's help for a different reason, if Zoe really does have the power of resurgence -- a possibility, since Kyle only awoke to his new life after receiving a kiss from Zoe. Thought experiment: If Zoe can bring people back to life, and if every time she has sex with someone she kills him...will her eventual boyfriend need to die and come back to life every time they have sex? END OF ASIDE.) Some maggots flew out of Madison's mouth, but the dead girl coughed and screamed and sat up. Her first words upon re-entering our plane of existence: "I need a cigarette."

This is about the moment when American Horror Story offered one of its trademark hyperkinetic main-character personality shifts. You remember Delia's husband, the guy who in five episodes went from being Milquetoast Vaguely Hipster Husband to Cheatin' Hubby to Murderer? Turns out he's working for Marie Laveau (the Coven's nemesis!) as a professional witch hunter (which is a thing!) and he's been deep-cover embedded with the Salem Coven delivering witch scalps to Marie for years now.

NEXT: It's a full-on double flashback all the way across the sky!

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