American Horror Story recap: A Very Aggressive Form of Treatment

Old threats and new ones torment the Salem witches, while Zoe tries to discover what happened to Madison
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 13, 2013

SPEAK TO US, SPIRITS Queenie communes with the higher powers. Said higher powers really ought not to be communed with.

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Fiona Goode is trying to change. Her daughter needs her. At least that's what Fiona tells herself. So she's undergoing chemotherapy. "It's a very aggressive form of treatment," the doctor assured her. Is she going to lose her hair? "The treatment affects everyone differently, the doctor assured her. Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps not, Fiona's powers are also going haywire. She can read the minds of the other cancer patients. The woman who wants to make it to her daughter's funeral. The man who can't believe a lifetime of hard work is ending with a vacation in the cancer ward.

Fiona herself is feeling some deep emotions. "I want one more great love affair in my life," she begs the doctor. "I want to belong to somebody. It's not too late, is it?" Of course not, the doctor assured her: "My mom met somebody on eHarmony. They just went on a cruise ship to Nova Scotia!" Internet dating. Cruise ships. The idea of Canada. A veritable hat trick of things that terrify Fiona, rife with implications of domesticity. Fiona is wise, but as with all of American Horror Story's variations of Jessica Lange, there's something of the youthful romantic in her. Not for her eHarmony and Halifax. She wants to fall in love.

Cooler heads were attempting to prevail among the young witches of Miss Robichaux's. An Axeman fansite informed them that the killer had taken the lives of eight people, and was never found. Nan connected the dots about the 1919 Coven. Zoe wanted to ask the Axeman's spirit how she could find Madison. Queenie and Nan begged off. Zoe was furious: "If this is all the fight we have left in us, at the end of our race, then witches deserve to die."

She brought out the spirit board on her own, and demanded the location of her fallen sister; she swore to release the Axeman if he helped her. (Here again, note how quickly Zoe's best intentions went awry: In an attempt to unite two of her sisters in a search for a third, she wound up acting alone and working with a being who represented the precise opposite of that sisterhood.) The Axeman sent her up to the attic, where she found Spalding's dolls and Spalding's tea cups and Spalding's Metaphorically Decomposing Corpse of Emma Roberts...not to mention Spalding himself, who grabbed her violently but was quickly dispatched.

The next day saw Cordelia Foxx return to Miss Robichaux's house as a brand new woman. Her eyes destroyed, she could see the truth. Before, she was quiet and passive and passive-aggressive at worst. Now, she cut to the point. She asked her husband who that redheaded woman was -- she could see a picture in her mind of him with her, mid-coitus. (She couldn't see him putting a bullet to her head, about which more later.)

After kicking out her husband, Delia told her mother that she had "an absolute clarity I've never had." Fiona told her: "You've been given the Sight." Apparently, the ability to see truth-flashbacks is a rare power in the world of witchery. And a painful one, too. Fiona tried helping her daughter undress, and Delia saw flashes of Myrtle's death-by-burning. She refused to believe her beloved Auntie Myrtle was behind her blindness. (ASIDE: Does Fiona's new power imply that she is also in the running to be the next Supreme? Or has she achieved some kind of alternative pinnacle of witchery? To me, the new Delia vaguely suggested Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan: Someone who can see all things at all times, and can't quite decide of they're the puppetmaster or just a puppet terrified of cutting the strings. END OF ASIDE.)

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