The Amazing Race season finale recap: Flying High

Teams take on magic tricks with David Copperfield and skydiving for their final leg in Las Vegas
Ep. 12 | Aired May 18, 2014

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Now is the final moment of truth, and what a moment it is. Dave and Caroline spot the sign and seem to jump out of their respective helicopters at the same time as their teammates. Phil and all the other since-eliminated teams from The Amazing Race: All-Stars wait at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway below. But no one knows which body above is Dave and which is Caroline because, well, they're tiny.

Connor and Jennifer cutely (and nervously) giggle as they watch their teammates fly through the air. Jennifer says she hopes the person closer to the ground is Caroline; Connor says he hopes it's his dad. But where is Rachel during all of this?

A parachute holding one lucky team member descends onto the speedway and it's... Dave! Connor runs up to his dad and then they giddily run to the final mat where Phil's waiting for them. They are this race's winners, making Dave the oldest person to win The Amazing Race and making their team the first parent-child pair to win. So many new titles for them! Oh, plus a million dollars. No big.

Caroline arrives next and she wraps both Dave and Connor in a giant hug before she and Jennifer turn to Phil and find out their place in the race. It's a sweet moment, made sweeter by Dave reminiscing how he thought he was going to lose Connor because of cancer only a few years before and how he is so happy he could do this race -- and win it -- with his son and best friend. Cue the tears -- and this time, it's not Rachel shedding them.

Brendon eventually flies in to a sad Rachel, and the two kiss before facing Phil on the mat. They're bummed, obviously, but take it pretty well. Rachel confirms that since they didn't win, they won't be having a baby anytime soon and will instead have to wait until Brendon graduates for Baby Brenchel to enter the world. Win or not, these future parents are going to have some great stories to tell.

So that concludes The Amazing Race: All-Stars. How are you feeling about Dave and Connor winning? Would the Brenchels have won if not for their cab driver? Was that moment between Dave, Connor, and the country singers cute or what? And how sad are you that this season is over?

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