The Amazing Race season finale recap: Flying High

Teams take on magic tricks with David Copperfield and skydiving for their final leg in Las Vegas
Ep. 12 | Aired May 18, 2014

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As the Brenchels struggle with their driver, the other teams arrive at the Mirage and discover they must board a window-washing basket to ascend 30 stories up and install light bulbs in the "I" of the Mirage's glowing sign. After all the light bulbs are screwed in, the teams have to count the number of bulbs they use. If it's the right number, they can return to the ground.

Jennifer is a bit freaked out because she's afraidĀ of heights, as is Dave. Connor marvels at the view of the city as they rise up in the basket; Dave faces the hotel and tries to ignore what's happening. This is one of those moments where I am very glad I am not participating in this race.

Caroline and Jennifer reach the sign before Dave and Connor, but the father-son duo still beat the country singers and complete their "I" first. This doesn't give them too great of an advantage, though, because Caroline and Jennifer are only a tiny bit behind, making this an insanely close race. How much do you think Dave and Connor regret helping the country singers all those times right now?

Brendon and Rachel aren't doing so well. As mentioned earlier, Rachel used to work at the Mirage. So when they're told to report to the employee entrance, she knows right where to go -- or so we think. Instead, the two arrive inside the hotel and discover that they actually have no idea where to find their next clue. Brendon thinks they're supposed to run around the entire hotel and find it, but Rachel rightly thinks that's ridiculous because it's a huge hotel. He ends up being wrong, and they eventually find the clue and discover they're last. Here come the Rachel tears.

Next, teams report to Maverick Helicopters for the final part of the race. There, one person from every team must don a light-up suit before boarding a helicopter. Once in the helicopter, that person has to scan the Strip for the right sign. Once that sign is spotted, they can jump out of the helicopter from 10,000 feet and skydive to the final pitstop.

"I'm about to do something I've never wanted to do before in my life," Dave says as he prepares to board the helicopter. Caroline is a bit more enthusiastic and loves skydiving, while Brendon doesn't really have any feelings about it -- maybe that's just because Rachel is crying about how she wants to win and how she wants a baby, and she's stealing his spotlight. On a relevant note: I can't wait for Brenchel Baby to watch re-runs of this episode one day.

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