The Amazing Race season finale recap: Flying High

Teams take on magic tricks with David Copperfield and skydiving for their final leg in Las Vegas
Ep. 12 | Aired May 18, 2014

Sonja Flemming/CBS

He's right behind you, silly Dave! Copperfield tells Dave they should call the fire department right as Connor, clad in fireman gear, attacks Dave with a bear hug. We basically knew that no one was doing to die in this challenge -- Copperfield organized it and he's a pro at this kind of stuff -- but I would be lying if I said I wasn't briefly terrified when the crate Connor was "in" crashed. It didn't help that Copperfield replied to Dave's concern with a suggestion that they call the fire department and a convincing look of worry.

After the twist was revealed, it wasn't quite as satisfying when Jennifer and Rachel snuck up behind their teammates in the fire gear. Even more unsatisfying was that we never found out how the illusion was done. I know a magician never reveals his tricks, blah blah, but come on, Copperfield! Just this one time?

Next up, teams grab taxis and head to the Neon Boneyard, a place where bright signs from Las Vegas' past go to die. There, they find a clue box and an order to find a silver and red question mark sign within the yard, unscrew a lightbulb from the sign, then race back to the Strip to report to the employee entrance at the Mirage Hotel. This challenge? Not so exciting. The taxi rides to the boneyard and back? Full of drama.

Rachel and Brendon find themselves in a taxi with a driver who apparently isn't a big speeder. They try to coax her into driving faster by telling her they're in a race, and that if they win, they're going to have a baby -- everyone likes babies, right? But the driver doesn't respond. At all. She just looks ahead as Rachel and Brendon babble on. Awkward.

Once the Brenchels complete their assignment at the Boneyard, Brendon tries to steal the country singers' cab by begging, offering the driver $25, getting angry, and so on. The driver is loyal to Caroline and Jennifer, though, and just shrugs his shoulders as he rejects Brendon's requests over and over again. This is a competition, yes, but this was an especially low point for Brendon -- did he really want to win the race by saying, "yeah, I stole my opponents' cab"? (Maybe.)

Embarrassing begging aside, I did feel for Rachel and Brendon because their driver really did not give a sh--. Rachel started coaching the driver, encouraging (or demanding, depending on what your feelings for Rachel are) her to pass cars ahead and speed through green lights. It was condescending -- the driver is the one with the job, not you! -- but the driver did seem a bit slow. Maybe she's just not Team Brenchel?

NEXT: There's no "I" in "team" (but there is one in "Mirage")

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