The Amazing Race recap: Got Milk?

Teams do some math, carry some milk jugs with the help of adorable dogs, and gondola their way to the type of Mount Titlis -- ain't no mountain high enough for these Amazing Racers!
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 27, 2014


Caroline has a rough start and slips on a patch of ice as she's running, falling right on her butt and making me laugh/feel extreme pity. Falling on ice hurts, guys. But she gets back up and carries on. She's not the only one struggling -- once Connor retrieves the full milk jugs, he finds that they are extremely heavy and his arms don't have quite the strength needed to carry both at once. Plus, there's a ton of snow on the ground, so this challenge just all around sucks. Except for the dogs. Dogs are always great.

Jet and Cord AGAIN finish first and head to Mount Titlis, the final stop on the ninth leg. But they don't just have to go to Mount Titlis -- they have to go to the top of Mount Titlis, a mountain with an elevation of over 10,000 feet.

Dave and Connor are right on Jet and Cord's tails and it becomes a neck and neck fight to the finish. The father-son duo take one gondola only to discover that it doesn't take them to the top and there's yet another gondola to take -- they're feeling pretty anxious at this point, especially once they spot Jet and Cord on the same platform waiting for Gondola No. 2. The four board the gondola together and then, surprise, Leo and Jamal get on too, and yell a lot about how they flew in on their magic carpets. What?

Despite Dave and Connor being convinced they wouldn't win in a foot race, they do win. And despite Caroline and Jennifer falling behind in the milk challenge, they do get to stay in the race because it's a non-elimination round! Jet and Cord join Dave and Connor on the mat in second place, immediately followed by Leo and Jamal. The six talk some trash about Brenchel, who, when taking their turn on the mat, say some stuff about how they're going to win and who needs friends, blah, blah, blah.

So, without further ado, first place plus the honor of being some of the first to own 2015 Mustangs goes to:

Dave and Connor!

2nd: Jet and Cord
3rd: Leo and Jamal
4th: Brendon and Rachel
5th: Caroline and Jennifer

What'd you think of this week's leg? Are you happy it was a non-elimination round or were you ready to see another team go home? Where do you stand on the Brenchel vs. Accidental Alliance front?


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