The Amazing Race recap: Got Milk?

Teams do some math, carry some milk jugs with the help of adorable dogs, and gondola their way to the type of Mount Titlis -- ain't no mountain high enough for these Amazing Racers!
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 27, 2014


At sunrise, Wilhelm Tell at last arrives, giving everyone (including Jet and Cord, who finally get to the monument after starting off a bit lost) their next assignment: Drive to Lucerne and find the clue on the oldest wooden bridge in Europe.

Leo and Jamal babble on about how they don't need directions because they have directions in their brain. They are so weird but I can't help but like them because they are always (usually) so helpful. And, OK, they do end up getting to the bridge first, so maybe they're onto something about directions in their heads.

While the Accidental Alliance forms a caravan, Rachel proposes to Brendon that they pull off the road to make the others think they're lost. It works! Kind of. Leo and Jamal laugh a lot after they see Brenchel go a different way, but it turns out Brendon and Rachel really don't know where they're going -- they end up at Spreuer Bridge when they're supposed to be at Chapel Bridge. Oops.

Meanwhile, everyone else is at Chapel Bridge and find out they have to head to Schweizerhof Hotel, where they'll have to clean out "a room that's been trashed by a hard-partying rock band." Eaaaaasy.

Brendon and Rachel are in last place as the rest arrive at the hotel and get dressed up all snazzy-like to clean the rooms -- bowties and vests for the men, aprons for the ladies. Once they enter their individual rooms, they find out that the rock stars were indeed hard partiers: Pizza, nuts, and empty beer cans cover the floor. Those crazy rock stars and their peanuts!

But they don't just have to clean the rooms. They have to make sure their cleaned room exactly matches a model room that they can look at for comparison at any time. It's like a giant game of "what's different about this picture?" and it is stressing me out just thinking about having to do it. Like, they have to make sure the toilet paper is folded just right. The toilet paper. 

Each time a team thinks they're done, they call in Helga to come check it out -- and Helga is tough. I didn't count how many times she rejected everyone because there were a lot, and all that matters is that everyone -- save Brendon and Rachel -- got rejected multiple times before finally achieving perfection by Helga's standards.

Jet and Cord are the first to get the OK, and they're off to the Swiss Museum of Transport for the next clue.

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