The Amazing Race recap: Kickin' It

Teams head to the U.K. to play soccer, learn some Welsh, and practice their shooting skills.
Ep. 11 | Aired May 11, 2014


Again, this is a high-stress situation, but Rachel straight-up lost it. She started sobbing as if someone died as Brendon kept yelling at her, "stop crying, stop crying!" Bro, no one in the history of crying has been moved to stop crying because someone screamed at them (rudely!) "stop crying!" Come on, Brendon.

In happier news, Caroline and Jennifer proved to be shooting pros in the shotgun challenge and had no problem hitting 16 clay pigeons. Caroline's dad taught them both how to shoot, and the two also had genes on their side: Caroline is related to pioneer Daniel Boone and Jennifer is John Wayne's granddaughter. So, essentially, this was a challenge tailored to them and called for zero flirting. For once!

The other teams had fallen behind because of the whole poem debacle, and Leo and Jamal are lost. Once Dave and Connor get to the Estate though, they choose the shotgun challenge because, as Connor proudly tells us, he's an Eagle Scout and has a Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge. I was mad at Connor earlier for being rude to the poetry lady, but I can't lie, he redeemed himself a bit with his mock-pride (or maybe it was real pride?) when he talked about his Eagle Scout status.

Fortunately, the father-son duo were better at shooting than they were at soccer -- so good, in fact, that they finished around the same time as the country singers and had to make an important choice. They knew they had to go to Peckforton Castle for the pit stop, but didn't know which way to go -- right or left? So the father-son duo could follow Caroline and Jennifer or go their own way... and they decided to go their own way, which ended up being the right choice.

Dave and Connor made it to the mat first (again) while Caroline and Jennifer stopped on the side of the road and discovered they were heading the wrong way after asking some locals. This wasn't too much of a hindrance, because they ended up getting second place anyway. (And hey, we already know how much Dave loves the country singers, so maybe he'll give Caroline and Jennifer one of the many prizes he and Connor have won out of the goodwill of his heart. No pressure though, Dave!)

The end of this week's leg was crazy high-pressure. For a while, it was truly unclear whether the Afghanimals or the Brenchels were going to have to go home. Brendon and Rachel did have to start the Wellies race over again, but Leo and Jamal fell behind in the poetry challenge and then got lost, putting them way behind. And even though they did well in the shotgun challenge, it wasn't enough to bring them ahead.

So this week, we say goodbye to Leo and Jamal. While neither of them rode a horse off into the sunset like Cord did last week, their time on the show did end in a wonderful rhyme: "Hei ho, heidi ho," host Phil said. "Gotta go," Leo replied. Farewell, Afghanimals.

First place and a 7-night trip to Fiji for two goes to... Dave and Connor!

2nd place: Caroline and Jennifer
3rd place: Brendon and Rachel

How are you feeling about the final three? Do you think Leo and Jamal deserved a spot in it or are you happy to see them go? Talk about it in the comments below!

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