The Amazing Race recap: Kickin' It

Teams head to the U.K. to play soccer, learn some Welsh, and practice their shooting skills.
Ep. 11 | Aired May 11, 2014


Aside from the frustrating challenge, there was one sweet moment in it all: The teammates who didn't have to go through the hell that was memorizing the poem all waited together and appeared to be bonding. "Everyone's getting along right here just because we're all in the same boat," Dave says. "There's no reason to be catty." Aww. 

There may be no reason to be catty (other than to entertain your loyal viewers) but there is a reason to get ahead, so teams race to Bolesworth Estate next for their detour. Brenchel and the country singers get there first and get to choose between a sport for royals or a sport for, well, not royals: They can either shoot down 16 clay pigeons with a shotgun or fill Wellington boots with water and throw them until they get to the finish line in a race.

Brendon and Rachel go for the Wellies challenge and frantically choose from a pile of boots. The problem? They choose size 10 boots, while the instructions say they have to choose either size 9 or 11. This was painful to watch for multiple reasons, one of them being that Rachel said out loud (out loud!) "choose a size 9 or 11"... before choosing a size 10. Maybe there was a bigger span of time between when she said that out loud and actually chose the boot than we think there was and she forgot, or maybe it was as small of an amount of time and she still forgot -- which makes sense, because when you're as stressed as the racers must be, you probably have enough going on in your brain without also memorizing some numbers.

Either way, watching them choose those size 10 Wellies -- a mistake that could cost them their spot in the race -- hurt. "Read through the card again, guys!" I said to the TV screen in my head (or maybe out loud...).

They, sadly, did not read through the card again. Instead, they finished the race and faced the ultimate moment of disappointment when their boots were flipped over at the finish line and it was revealed that yes, they were size 10s and yes, this meant they had to start over.

Rachel did not handle this news well, especially because she was the one who picked out the size 10 boots and therefore was the one who was responsible for them having to do it all over again. And her breakdown wasn't pretty.

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