The Amazing Race recap: Stay in Nightclub School, Kids

Eight teams struggle to pour a perfect pyramid of cocktails or pretend to be DJs at a Malaysian nightclub
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 16, 2014


Margie's shocked. When she'd watched Rachel on TV before, "I thought she was the biggest crybaby ever," she admits. "But tonight, she was there for us." Luke's attitude changes after Rachel presided over the situation with her magical, sheer nylon touch. And get this: Margie and Luke get it. "Rachel turned it around for us!" Margie beams.

Misery sets in. "This is so not fair," Rachel keeps muttering. Actually, you know what's really not fair? Unlike any of the other teams, Margie and Luke never had the chance to opt out and switch to the DJ challenge, because Luke can't hear. Does that make his frustration more understandable? Sure. Did he need to fling seven glasses at a hard surface? Probably not.

Winners of Leg 4: Jet and Cord, who are too nice to ask Phil for some cold hard cash instead as they learn they've just won a trip to… London! It's tea time for the big hats. Congrats to the cowboys!

2nd: Dave and Connor
3rd: Leo and Jamal
4th: Caroline and Jennifer
5th: Jessica and John
6th: Flight Time and Big Easy
7th: Margie and Luke
8th: Brendon and Rachel

No worries, kids! It's a non-elimination leg. Luckily the leg had been wearing pantyhose today, so no one could escape its clutches. Brendon and Rachel will have to suffer a Speedbump (fingers crossed it's "exchange shorts with a local and wear them instead of your own for the rest of the Race") during Leg 5.

What'd you think of the episode? Could you have built a cocktail pyramid in less than a day? Discuss!

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