The Amazing Race recap: Stay in Nightclub School, Kids

Eight teams struggle to pour a perfect pyramid of cocktails or pretend to be DJs at a Malaysian nightclub
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 16, 2014


The Afghanimals, Leo and Jamal, wisely switch to the Scratch School (humans only, no cats) just before everyone else pours in, so they really need to focus and "feel the crowd" on their second DJ attempt. And they get it! "They were loving us," Jamal raves, possibly referring to the same three happily roaring young men the cameras keep showing. Hey, it's a crowd! Meanwhile, Flight Time and Big Easy have to head back to Scratch School -- stay in school, kids, get some education -- before they can master the mix.

The poor Globetrotters get booed… twice! But the Head Deej In Charge -- one of the most affable clappers I've ever seen on The Amazing Race, and that is really saying something -- is clearly rooting for them despite his "You know, you know, you know you're bad" public smackdown of Flight Time and Big Easy. Caroline and Jen and Jessica and John carefully scratch their way to DJ victory. Meanwhile… oh, God. LUKE.

Luke is having a moment. First he's obnoxiously baby-begging the bartender to completely ignore the point of this challenge and let him and his mama off with major fruit swirls. Not gonna happen, sweetie. Luke recalls the dreaded Tea Challenge from season 18 and we see a haunting flashback. "You have very low... frustration level," Margie signs. And suddenly…. [SMASH!!!!!] Luke hurls all seven connected pouring glasses onto the floor following yet another failed attempt to correctly handle the fruits.

Ohhhhhh my God. This is not right. "That is not acceptable behavior. That is not!" Margie urges. "You clean that up!" So, yeah. That's gonna take some time. (Hilariously, other team's glasses were accidentally smashing left and right, no cleanup necessary.)

Now this is interesting: Brendon and Rachel suddenly become bastions of moral support for Luke, bopping around him and making the "applause" sign. It's very cute, but will it work? They're the last two teams at Skybar, the city center of shattered martini glasses and dreams. Margie suggests they both take the time penalty and just race to the pit stop. But Rachel's like, "No, we can do this, let's race it out. We can do it."

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