The Amazing Race recap: Stay in Nightclub School, Kids

Eight teams struggle to pour a perfect pyramid of cocktails or pretend to be DJs at a Malaysian nightclub
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 16, 2014


Awwww,  yeah. Who's ready to party? Malaysia is known for its booming nightlife, so Dave and Connor are pret-ty lucky to be on the Skybar's guest list. They've never even seen a cocktail! "We're just two Mormon boys from Salt Lake," Dave kept hammering home to anyone who suspected they might have been enjoying themselves even just a little bit in the nightclub. No sir. It was a completely foreign experience to them. What's a DJ? How you say… rhythm?

Well, they didn't need to. In this week's ultra-dramatic Detour: Mix Master or Master Mix? most teams initially choose to pour a complicated bi-level "cocktail pyramid" (Master Mix) instead of learning from a "scratch coach" how to DJ (Mix Master). These names were killing me even though of course the names of the challenges don't really matter. I keep thinking, wait, a DJ would be more likely to produce a "Master Mix," or even a megamix -- after all, we're in Malaysia -- and that the "Mix Master" would be the person who could successfully keep the orange juice droplets and the cranberry juice droplets from fighting with each other and swirling into TOTAL F---ING DISASTERS. But again, it doesn't matter what anything's called. The red and the yellow just aren't supposed to mix, okay?!

Oh, God, this cocktail challenge is the best. Everything has to be perfect -- the mechanics of the pour plus the partnership's overall mindset -- for a Master Mix to be pulled off correctly, and there's just endless teeny tiny opportunities for failure. The racers with overinflated senses of Bartender Bravado -- Leo and Rachel -- get drenched over and over again (in Rachel's case, it was mostly her own sweat) by corrupted fruit punch. And the best part of this challenge, to me, is that I'm sure everyone, under such stress, was desperate to just gulp down a few (dozen) of these colorful treats. I was dying for some myself! The whole concept was just hilarious. It is humanly impossible to watch a professional pour a perfect, flavor-separated martini pyramid and not immediately fall head-over-heels in love with the concept, the process, etc. But then it comes time to try it out for yourself, and….oh, crap. IT'S SO HARD. Loved it!

Anyway, the cowboys -- mechanical geniuses that they are -- pour the perfect pyramid first, followed by Dave and Connor a whopping two hours after they'd arrived. By that time, the other five teams are trickling in, and finally! We have a full-blown Detour that contains all the teams in the same skybox… and it's a raging party with Dancing With the Stars Troupe-esque fringed background dancers flanking the bars?! This is perfect. I'm having a blast. Pour me a perfectly separated set of seven martinis, you rubes!

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