The Amazing Race recap: Bullying Bulls

Teams try their hand at shaving balloons, learn a flamenco dance, and fight some feisty "bulls"
Ep. 10 | Aired May 4, 2014


Despite Jamal's injury, the Afganimals finish the detour and are on their way to the pit stop: Seville's Plaza de España. On their way, they find the promised U-Turn. Although they told Jennifer and Caroline they would U-Turn Brenchel if they had the chance, they go back on their word and U-Turn Jet and Cord. It makes much more sense than U-Turning Brendon and Rachel -- Jet and Cord are really good at the game, and now that Jamal's injured, they need to get ahead any way they can. So the cowboys it is.

Brendon and Rachel are overjoyed to find they weren't U-Turned and run their way to the pit stop. Rachel falls during their sprint, but is OK -- didn't she fall a few legs ago, too? Girl, be careful!

Later, Jet and Cord finally finish the detour before discovering they've been U-Turned. After talking about how untrustworthy Leo and Jamal are, they head to the other detour to put on their dancing shoes. At this point, Caroline and Jennifer have already dazzled the flamenco judges with their routine and made it to the U-Turn. They're surprised to find out who Leo and Jamal chose, so they end up choosing to U-Turn Brendon and Rachel -- too late though, because Brenchel already won second place.

Dave and Connor reach the pit stop first and share an awww-moment when Dave starts talking about how proud of Connor he is. Next are Brendon and Rachel, who are psyched to find out they arrived second, then Leo and Jamal, who are not so psyched, even though they finished third. "Should have been first," Jamal says. Guess a bad knee really takes a toll on your attitude, eh?

The cowboys ace their dance routine on the first try and run to the pit stop to find they've placed last and are going home. Their no-drama approach will be missed, along with their accents and the way they pronounce "gracias" as "grassy ass." But their goodbye was appropriate: Cord asked the matador standing by if he could ride her horse, then mounted the white beauty as Jet walked alongside him and they rode/walked into the sunset. Bye y'all!

So first place, plus a trip for two to Saint Croix goes to... Dave and Connor!

2nd place: Brendon and Rachel
3rd place: Leo and Jamal
4th place: Caroline and Jennifer

How are you feeling about saying goodbye to Jet and Cord? What's your take on the final four? And how much did you laugh during the "running with the ballz" detour?

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