The Amazing Race recap: Bullying Bulls

Teams try their hand at shaving balloons, learn a flamenco dance, and fight some feisty "bulls"
Ep. 10 | Aired May 4, 2014


Caroline and Jennifer have a speed bump to get through after placing last (but not getting eliminated!) in the last leg; their task is to carry six Spanish hams to a cafe. The two decorate themselves with the large hams and compliment each other on their new pig-scented perfume, showing that they are delightful even when they know they're behind every other team in the race. Their smells at that point? Probably not so delightful.

Meanwhile, all of the other teams choose to run with the "bulls" and find that it's harder than it sounds. Not only do they have to squeeze through tiny alleyways in the rather wide bumpers and memorize the quote, but they also have to fight off other hilariously aggressive "bulls." Connor loves this part of it -- oh, to be young! -- but his dad is having a tougher time, because again, these bulls are aggressive. And they make a lot of bull-like grunting noises, which is an amazing touch. Who knew Amazing Race doubled as a comedy?

Leo and Jamal also seem to be enjoying it, even when Leo jokingly calls to a nearby dog for help (the dog ends up scuttering away in fear) -- until Jamal hurts his knee. He thinks he twisted it, but it's not bad enough for him to go to a hospital so they continue on. Jet and Cord have a hard time, too -- although they, luckily, remain injury-free -- and fail to notice one of the first posters that contains the beginning of the quote they need to memorize. This means they have to go all the way back to the beginning, find the poster, and then fight the bulls all over again. If it were anyone else, this would probably be cause for lots of complaint, but Jet and Cord take it in stride and compare this experience to their experiences running from real bulls. "You would be amazed, when, like, a real bull is after you, how fast you can run," Cord says. That cowboy perspective coming in handy!

While everyone else is getting thrown around by humans wearing inflatable plastic costumes, the country singers are lost. Once they find their way to the Alcázar though, they decide to go with the flamenco lesson. And, unsurprisingly, they are so excited to get their flamenco on. It's like they're having fun or something -- crazy, right?

Brendon and Rachel are having the opposite of fun in the running with the bulls detour because poor lil' Rach is getting beat up. These bulls are incredibly rough -- if you watched, you'll remember how many times you saw someone do a complete somersault after another bull hit them -- and Rachel is upset about it. "I'm just a girl," she cries, "you don't have to hit me so hard!" Ah, Rachel. Bulls are not known for taking pity, especially for taking pity on people screaming about their gender as a defense tactic.

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