The Amazing Race recap: Donkey Work

Teams ride donkeys, build donkeys, and... practice their calligraphy?
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 20, 2014


After many struggles, Flight Time and Big Easy make it to the detour and first choose the donkey race. But they didn't choose a donkey that poops, apparently, because one of the animals won't move. Even when Flight Time tells it to go a bunch of times. This donkey, man: the real winner of The Amazing Race.

The Globetrotters end up switching to the other detour and get so close to completing the donkey -- except for the pesky box that no one seems to notice. So, naturally, Flight Time jumps into a bunch of adorable poses and flashes a big smile to try to get the guy to approve their donkey. Somehow, this doesn't work, so they go back to the donkey race, where they have more luck the second time around -- except for when Flight Times falls of the donkey. This appears to be a rite of passage for Amazing Racers.

Meanwhile, the other teams are at the Roadblock, where they have to copy a page of an ancient manuscripts like the monks did in the past. The copy has to be perfect, or else they won't make it through the challenge. The problem: No one really knows how to do this calligraphy anymore. Except for Rachel.

"I did calligraphy when I was younger, and I'm an artist," Rachel brags. She also calls herself an artiste, accent and all, which should revoke her artistic privileges. Especially because her first try at copying the manuscript gets rejected. Who's the artist now, Rachel?

Her rejection is especially funny because no one else gets rejected. Except one of the cowboys, who decides to write outside the lines and has to go back to the drawing board -- apparently he didn't learn anything in pre-school. Even Connor, who complains about the task's difficulty the entire time, gets the monk's approval his first go.

Once teams finish the roadblock, they're off to the final destination: Piazza del Duomo. There is very little tension on the way to the Piazza, except for when Dave complains (again) about Brenchel giving them the U-Turn. I'm no big fan of Rachel, but come on, dude. He makes this complaint as he's standing on the mat with Caroline and Jennifer (teamwork!) in fourth place. You're still in the race; get over it.

Flight Time and Big Easy are way behind, and stay that way for the rest of the leg, ultimately getting sent home when they finally make it to the Piazza. They're still in good spirits and are all smiles despite losing. Just don't bring any donkeys to their next Globetrotters game.

And so first place this week plus $7,500 each goes to...

Brendon and Rachel!

2nd place: Jet and Cord
3rd place:
Leo and Jamal
4th place:
Dave and Connor
5th place: 
Caroline and Jennifer
6th place (and going home): Flight Time and Big Easy

What'd you guys think of Rachel and Brendon's U-Turn decision? Are you sad to see Flight Time and Big Easy go? And what are your theories on Dave's love for the country singers?

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