The Amazing Race recap: Donkey Work

Teams ride donkeys, build donkeys, and... practice their calligraphy?
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 20, 2014


Rachel and Brendon end up being able to stay on the donkeys long enough to complete the race and then head to the Double U-Turn, where two teams can choose two other teams to complete both detours. Though Brendon and Rachel had been set on U-Turning the cowboys, once they actually get to the U-Turn, Brendon is all about giving it to Dave and Connor since they were behind Brenchel at the race track. Rachel is still Team Cowboys (or anti-Team Cowboys, I guess?) and wants to U-Turn them. Ultimately, Dave and Connor end up winning their U-Turn -- a decision everyone will be talking about for the rest of the episode.

Once Dave and Connor finish the challenge and find out they've been U-Turned, they are not happy. "Come on, they U-Turn a 60-year-old man?" Dave whines. Please tell me he was joking. Because if Dave is seriously pulling the "I'm a 60-year-old man!" card I will continue rolling my eyes, and then they'll get stuck, and that will be so unpleasant.

Moving on: Dave and Conor decide to U-Turn Leo and Jamal, who are much more reasonable about it. Dave and Connor offer to help out Leo and Jamal, so they head to the woodworking challenge and work some wood. The donkeys they have to make are like a giant puzzle, but with no model, so they just have to guess where everything goes. Luckily, they end up with a donkey, or an almost-donkey: the supervising guy keeps rejecting their work. There's one piece missing, and they can't figure out what it is. So Leo and Jamal head over to complete the other detour while Dave and Connor try to solve the mystery with Caroline and Jennifer, who have since joined them.

Lo and behold, Dave and Connor end up figuring it out. Once they have completed building the wooden donkey, the supervising guy (there must be a better name for him?) will put firewood in the contraption. So there needs to be somewhere to put firewood. Like the crate that's been sitting near them on the floor the whole time. They plop the crate on the donkey's back, and with that, they're ready to go meet Geppetto. They even offer to help the country singers carry their donkey to Geppetto, because again, Dave loooves the country singers. And he also loves Leo and Jamal, whom he passes on the way to the next part of the leg, yelling that the box is the trick to finishing the donkey. This results in the two dubbing their U-Turn a "blessed turn."

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