The Amazing Race recap: Donkey Work

Teams ride donkeys, build donkeys, and... practice their calligraphy?
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 20, 2014


DETOUR. A donkey-themed detour, to be exact, because Civita di Bagnoregio is big on donkeys. They have two choices: Either each teammate picks out a donkey, then must ride that donkey around a track three times before a band stops playing, or they can choose to build a donkey out of wood pieces in Geppetto's wood shop before transporting the wooden donkey to "Geppetto" -- with Pinocchio in hand -- himself.

Brendon is really into the donkeys, and even gives us a sample of his donkey noises, which does not amuse Rachel. There's no time for animal noises in The Amazing Race, Brendon! They decide on the donkey race and talk about pooping a lot when they're picking out their animals. Brendon says something about how the donkeys that poop are faster -- which confused me, because don't all donkeys poop? Am I missing something?

Once they pick out their donkeys, the two get on the track. Rachel yells "Come on, Donkey!" exactly 223,235,765 times. And then, here's the real climax of the show: She falls off it. (She's fine though, so it's totally okay to laugh.) My theory is that the donkey was getting tired of being called "Donkey." Donkeys have names too, Rachel! Once she falls off, she screams for Brendon -- someone who does have a name -- and then, for some reason, he tries to get off his donkey, even though Rachel doesn't need any help. Then he falls off. Those pooping donkeys have a lot of nerve.

Dave and Connor arrive at the track and ask Brendon and Rachel where the helmets are. In classic Brenchel style, they don't reveal the location. I'm all about people helping people, but, as Rachel reminded us earlier, they want a first place win. This unwillingness to help out other teams is starting to become a trend with Brenchel; we'll see more of it later.

After Dave gets over his Brendon-and-Rachel-are-the-worst feelings, he boards a donkey and tries for dear life to stay on. He ends up in this awkward position where his legs are wrapped around the donkey's neck before he also falls off. I have never been on a donkey (sadly), so I am not sure how riding them works, but I gather they must have super slippery backs because that is the only explanation as to why three people fell.

NEXT: Rachel and Brendon gift a U-Turn

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