The Amazing Race recap: Top of the World

Racers plunge into the Arctic in Svolvaer, Norway; Pink Hair and her punching bag face a tough decision
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 20, 2013

BLOBS FERRY Nicole and Travis express dismay that they're not the ones play-acting Titanic on the ship's bow.


Okay! Choose a "tough Ford Ranger" and pull a giant boulder far enough that you can find a sack of viking coins that was hidden beneath it. Seems easy enough... unless you can't drive a stick. Ooh, mid-scene commercial time. "Pretty powerful rig, this Ford Truck," rave the Beards. "Yeah, it was a good truck." confirms Jason in a confessional. So that's settled.

The Ice Princesses (sorry) are looking mighty adorable in their knit headbands. Neither Ally nor Ashley knows how to drive this incredible Ford truck. "We're gonna go into the hole," Ally rather chipperly announces. The constant sunlight must make even the doomiest fates seem not so awful. Plus, a huge tract of All-American land happened to be around to provide a driving tutorial. "Oklahoma was nice enough to show us how to reverse," said Ally. It sure is one of the friendliest states. I wonder how it got all the way to Norway?

LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STICK BEFORE DOING THE RACE, guys. This is so basic. It's slightly easier than mastering the Spanish language or learning the colors Red and Yellow. Just go for it.

On their way to the Pit Stop at Viking Longhouse (where the missing townspeople had gathered to drink in costume and good-naturedly ignore any evidence of a TV production), Nicole and Travis encountered Tim and Marie, who had not picked up their Pit Stop clue back at the Hole of Ford Toughness. Nicole spends way too long describing the identical desperation in each of their faces.

"DO YOU WANT THE PIT STOP OR NOT?" Nicole yells, having demanded the Express Pass. Pinky knows they're not in last place, so she just looks down and snorts fire into an ancient viking map. They don't know where they're going. This could be good!

"Okay, we're leaving." So no Express Pass for Nicole, whose supreme "WHATEVER" stinkface closes the episode.

Brandon and Adam win $5,000 each. Brandon will finish the house he's been working on, and Adam will remain alive on the land another year. Skål!

The race continues!.… after the break.… which is an entire week.

Thoughts on episode 4? Sudden cravings for salted fish? Discuss!

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