The Amazing Race season premiere recap: Back in the Saddle

The 'All-Star' teams -- minus one very lovable hospital patient -- head to China
Ep. 01 | Aired Feb 23, 2014

Host Phil Keoghan's left eyebrow, Browsie, signals the official start of season 24's race around the world.


Next, teams hit up the Ferris Wheel at the top of Canton Tower for a classic game of 50/50 chance: The even-numbered "bubbles" contained clues, the odds did not, and everyone had to wait 'til the doors closed and an extra 25 minutes after establishing whether the card had given them the clue or a miserable TRY AGAIN. It was pretty thrilling stuff, existential dread-wise. (I'm sadly into that.)

Once they'd endured the bubbles of terror, teams had to find "the stadium on the river below" -- more complicated than it sounded, if you were Mallory -- and perform five high-wire flips 300 feet above ground. The warm-colored wedgie-generating onesie costumes were funny, but the task was not difficult and the results were based purely on arrival time at the stadium. You could not have lost or gained any time performing this "Head Over Heels" Roadblock unless you flat-out refused to do it. A brave Margie, who "still has something to prove to all those 'old' women out there," saved her is-she-laughing-or-crying tears for after the challenge. Good on her.

"Not for me, man," said Cord on the way back down. He rides bulls. Not elevators.

Jet and Cord won the leg and an Express Pass for themselves, plus a second Express Pass they must share with another team before or on the fifth leg of the Race.

2nd place: Brendan and Rachel. "We'll take it!" Cool; you have no choice in the matter.
3rd: Dave and Connor
4th: Margie and Luke
5th: Leo and Jamal. "And we're very sexy." -Jamal (who is now married!)
6th: Perfect Strangers Mark and Mallory
7th: Flight Time and Big Easy, the Globetrotters
8th: Jessica and John, who are just happy to avoid using or not using the Express Pass
9th: Caroline and Jen, country singers
10th: Joey and Meghan a.k.a. "YouTube"

How are you liking this All-Star roster? Do you agree with me that the Afghanimals are much more likable amidst a group of other Loud People? Can a Ferris Wheel really be called that if it's virtually flat? And will you please plug in your car before you catch a plane?


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