Almost Human recap: Eye of the Beholder

Detective Stahl is caught between two worlds when the team investigates a killer targeting "chromes"
Ep. 12 | Aired Feb 24, 2014

LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT Kindly remove your hand first, please.

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Back at the precinct, Rudy is mad that he wasn't warned about "The Beauty Killer." He was a child model and has a "Rothschild nose," after all. It looks like nanobite robots injected into the victims are the culprits. Surveillance footage spotted the killer by the club, but facial recognition brings his identity up as that of his victims. Rudy reveals the nanobites can reconstruct facial tissue. In a futuristic spin on the old "serial killer wears his victim's skin" trope, it looks like the killer is attempting to construct the perfect face from his victims' handsome mugs.

Kennex and Dorian visit Dr. Randolph Amir, a plastic surgeon specializing in futuristic nanobot facelifts that reconstruct the face from the inside. The trials didn't go so well in that the nanobots were stopping people's hearts. The nanobots are injected with an actuator, the same device that is being used by the killer.

In the car, Dorian tells Kennex that, hey, it's okay to have flaws, and promptly lists his partner's many shortcomings. (I love that Dorian communicates with Kennex's smartbed.) They visit an informant named DeCarlo, who Kennex finds hiding inside of a larger robot X-O suit body in what has to be one of my favorite visual gags in the show's brief history. DeCarlo sets them up with Dr. McCann who specializes in facial reconstruction surgery. Turns out it's the same doctor working with our killer!

Kennex and Dorian visit Dr. McCann, who injects himself with synthetic adrenaline, fights Kennex, and then promptly dies from cardiac arrest. Dr. McCann lost his license during the nanobot trials and Eric was one of his patients. Eric has gotten most of the facial features he wants, but there's one left -- he wants the cheeks of a chrome named Jonathan Gettes. Unfortunately, the cops scare him off. Back in his apartment, Eric listens to"Crimson and Clover" and watches a woman in a nearby building.

Stahl notices that all the victims live in the Lower Term area. Kennex notices that they're all in the same DMV district. Could it be that the killer works at the DMV??

Meanwhile, Eric is chatting online with Judy, a woman who lives in a nearby building. It seems that they are online paramours and have never met in person. (He's pretending to be from Arizona.) Judy is anxious to finally meet face-to-face. Eric touches his unfinished face and says he has to go.

NEXT: Warning -- ironic twist ahead! 

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