Almost Human recap: Harden My Heart

Time is of the essence when John and Dorian race to save the patients of a black market heart transplant ring
Ep. 06 | Aired Dec 16, 2013

HEART OF THE MATTER The heart may be a lonely hunter, but at least John has a robot by his side.


Back at the station, Stahl reveals that Vastrel has agreed to replace all the artificial hearts at no cost to the patients. Now in custody, Henry says he hasn't seen Dorian's model in a while and notes it must be nice to have all the time in the world. Dorian finds Dorian 2 looking through his old cases. Dorian 2 reveals that he once saved a little boy from his mother's crazy boyfriend by breaking protocol and killing the boyfriend. He remembers hugging the little boy and feeling that was his proudest moment as a cop. (It's like when John hugs every widow he helps.) He thanks Dorian for reminding him of how much he missed that. The episode ends with Dorian taking Dorian 2 back to the medical clinic, but leaving him with the memory of the time he saved a child's life. Oh, and Maldonado sees Dorian with his doppelganger and freaks out. Oh, that John and his robot partner that she assigned to him will be the death of her!

Overall this was a solid episode. The two Dorians were a lot of fun and the black market organs storyline was an interesting way of showing how artificial intelligence has affected the health care industry. One of my favorite aspects of the show thus far is how it deals with the way humans interact with the technological marvels popping up around them. We all hope for a future where artificial parts will keep us alive indefinitely, and this episode shows that there's a dark side to that dream.

It should be noted that technically this is episode three (as we've discussed, Fox has been airing episodes out of order) which explains why Dorian and John still have a bit of tension in their partnership. I don't see why Fox couldn't have aired this episode as episode three. It's much more of a piece with the first couple of episodes than the Die Hard-esque "Are You Receiving?," which is actually the sixth episode, and it explains a crucial part of Dorian's backstory with the reveal of the Luger test. (No clue when we'll be seeing episode four, by the way.) Now that the show is finding its groove, hopefully Fox won't tinker with the episode order and let the story progress naturally.

Next time: John Larroquette joins the cast as Dorian's creator! John teaches some kids about what happens to bad guys. Oh, and homicidal robots! See you in three weeks when Almost Human returns on January 6th!

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