Almost Human recap: Harden My Heart

Time is of the essence when John and Dorian race to save the patients of a black market heart transplant ring
Ep. 06 | Aired Dec 16, 2013

HEART OF THE MATTER The heart may be a lonely hunter, but at least John has a robot by his side.


John asks Henry to set up a pick up with Oscar. In the car, Dorian 2 is running through his files and doesn't understand why he was decommissioned. Dorian explains that their model had some problems, and some people even went as far as to call them "crazy." Dorian 2 asks how they knew which models were unstable. Dorian revealed that they designed a test (dubbed the Luger Test) to weed out faulty DRNs, but the powers that be grew nervous and scrapped the DRN model altogether, replacing them with the emotionless MX line. (So are we to assume that Dorian would've passed the robot psycho test? Which side of the emotional android spectrum does Dorian fall on?)

Oscar finally shows up for the heart, and the team tracks him with an aerial drone. Oscar enters a building and gives the heart to a doctor who adds the timer chip. The cops burst in mid-transplant and shut it down.

Later, Henry the cremator gets a call telling him not to reset any of the hearts; the cops are onto them and they need to stop what they're doing. At the station, Det. Paul questions Oscar, who says he's just a courier, he doesn't know where the money comes from. The doctor who was performing the transplant tells John he's not running the organ trafficking ring and is unaware of the timers on each heart. Meanwhile, people with artificial hearts are calling to have their timers reset. The team realizes that the people with the artificial hearts are going to die. Henry leaves the timers counting down without a reset.

On the street, Dorian examines a woman whose synthetic heart has died. They realize she was going to make a payment, but the suppliers didn't care; they were shutting down the operation. Stahl scans the symbol on one of the victims and finds a connection --  they had all applied for transplants at Vastrel but were rejected by Colleen Rivera due to lack of insurance. John and Dorian visit Colleen, but the doctor doesn't recognize Colleen as the woman who approached him about doing the heart transplants. Dorian asks who else has access to patient records, and notices Colleen's assistant, Jacinta, is missing. The doctor identifies Jacinta as the woman he's been working for.

John and Dorian raid Jacinta's house and determine that the bodies are disposed of after the timer shuts down the heart so the device can be reused. Who do they know who gets rid of bodies? Henry the cremator! At his lab, Henry has killed Jacinta and is about to incinerate her body in a final bit of evidence housekeeping. Dorian gives Dorian 2 a gun and says to cover them and follow protocol. But Dorian 2 is too afraid to help. Inside, John sees Jacinta in the cremation machine. Dorian and John chase Henry, and a gun fight ensues. Dorian scans for a room layout and heat signatures, and then bursts through the wall and takes down Henry RoboCop-style.

NEXT: Have a heart, John!

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