Almost Human recap: Harden My Heart

Time is of the essence when John and Dorian race to save the patients of a black market heart transplant ring
Ep. 06 | Aired Dec 16, 2013

HEART OF THE MATTER The heart may be a lonely hunter, but at least John has a robot by his side.


Turns out Dorian 2 tackled a wanted fugitive named Rafael Vasquez. Except Rafael did his time, and Dorian 2's files are outdated. Dorian confesses to giving Dorian 2 his case files back. Cut to Maldonado screaming at John for all the mayhem. (That's pretty much all she does this week. Poor Lili Taylor. Can't she get a robot boyfriend or something?)  John asks Dorian why they are "taking Mr. Fixit for a ride along." Dorian explains that when he was decommissioned, he hoped there would be someone to wake him up again. John woke him up and gave him a chance to be a cop again, and he wants to do the same for Dorian 2.

At the station, Stahl learns from Lee's mother that he was out of options for his condition and had to get an illegal artificial heart transplant. John and Dorian visit Vastrel, the medical company who made the artificial heart and has a name that sounds like a cholesterol-lowering drug. Dorian suggests that John donate something to help kids get synthetic parts, since he himself has a synthetic leg. Dorian notices John never discusses his synthetic part, something which I've noticed too since this is the first mention of it since at least episode three. Upstairs, Vastrel employee Colleen Rivera recognizes the artificial heart as the work of her company, but doesn't recognize the other part Rudy found inside of it. She reveals the heart was registered to a woman named Mrs. Galinski who passed away two years ago. When a patient dies, the nursing home sends them a document to confirm that the artificial part has been destroyed. Not a very effective system, John notes.

John and Dorian visit a crematorium and ask the technician, Henry, about the artificial heart. He says they have to take out any inorganic parts before they cremate the bodies. After John reveals that Mrs. Galinski's heart was found in someone else's body, Henry confesses to selling the heart to a man named Oscar who offered to buy any biometric hearts he came across. He says the parts are saving lives, and just because something is used that doesn't mean it's worthless. (Like Dorian!) Stahl calls John and informs him that Mr. Lee made a regular money transfer to the same unmarked account. Also Rudy has figured out that the modification is basically a timer that limits how long each heart will function. The timer counts down 30 days and will shut down the heart unless someone resets it. Mr. Lee's heart was not reset. John realizes someone is running an extortion racket. "They're all on borrowed time," Rudy says.

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