Almost Human recap: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Kennex and Dorian play "Simon Says" with a mad bomber who broadcasts his twisted games over the Internet
Ep. 07 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

SIMPLE SIMON Will a crazed bomber drive Kennex and Dorian mad?


Back at the precinct, Maldonado pulls up Simon's online dating profile (again, trolling social media remains the team's go-to investigation method) and they all rip on the fact that he claims he's "shy and looking." (I love Dorian's over-the-top reaction, complete with fist bump, to Det. Paul's bad joke. The more the show gives us Dorian's approximations of human behavior, the better.) Maldonado reveals that after their date, Jeannie went on the online dating forums and warned women to stay away from Simon. (Her first tip off wasn't his bug-eyed profile pic?)

Maldonado also reveals that Ramon turned down Simon for a loan. Val notes that he's getting revenge on the people who rejected him because Minka Kelly needs to do something in this scene. (I get that Det. Stahl is supposed to be some sort of criminal behavior specialist, but the writers should do more with the character besides making her state the most obvious things possible about the bad guy of the week.) Even worse, Maldonado notes that Simon was kicked out of the police academy bomb squad. The team heads over to Simon's last known address. Dorian, still amped up, tells everyone to "roll out!" (Wait, is Optimus Prime his cousin???)

At the scene, Kennex tells Dorian to stand down to conserve his battery. Kennex is called over to help out some officers where he's met by Simon, who sprays him with his knockout spray. Also a drone blows up a trailer with a missile which is pretty cool. Kennex wakes up chained to a bench with a bomb around his neck. Simon calls and tells him he'll detonate the charge if the cops try to evacuate the park or come to his rescue. Kennex is going to help him win his viewers back because they HATE cops.

Under the bench, Kennex finds tools to use to try to disarm the bomb himself. Like a good bad guy, Simon notes that he has a lot in common with Kennex. He's read up on him, and references the Insyndicate (remember them??) raid from episode one in which Kennex lost his leg. (So far Kennex has yet to follow up on his initial hunch that the raid was a set-up by someone within the department. It's anyone's guess when we'll get back to that particular thread.) Simon tries to play on Kennex's guilt over losing his partner and notes that they both had negative psych evaluations. But Kennex got back on the force, while getting kicked out of the police academy sent Simon into a downward spiral. Paul and Dorian locate Simon, who has been broadcasting from the clock tower. Snipers get a bead on Simon, but Val notices that the trigger will go off if Simon is killed.

Meanwhile, the commenters are getting excited over the prospect of a cop blowing up. On the ground, Dorian notes that he can climb up the clock tower and hit Simon with an electrical charge, causing his muscles to tense up so he won't let go of the detonator. Of course, Dorian's only at 15% power capacity so he could pretty much shut off at any minute. (Sort of like when you're frantically trying to collect money in The Simpsons: Tapped Out and your cell battery suddenly goes in the red.) Dorian proceeds to Spider-Man up the building, impressing Det. Paul. ("Can you do that?," he asks the MX standing there doing nothing.) The commenters continue to egg on Simon, the viewcount rises, and Dorian's battery power is dropping. At the last second, Dorian zaps Simon, causing him to hang on to the detonator. Kennex clips the correct wire and deactivates the bomb.

Back at the squad, Kennex and Maldonado toast their victory while Dorian recharges. Kennex notes they have thousands of witnesses to put on the stand against Simon and Maldonado takes another crack at Internet creeps saying she's "not sure I'd like to be in the same room as them." Kennex notes that as crazy as Simon was, he was right about black marks on your record following you around, because that's how he's felt ever since the botched raid. He thanks Maldonado for supporting him and asks for a favor. Cut to Rudy's lab where...Rudy and Dorian are now roomies! I for one can't wait to see this duo hit the town together.

Despite all the heavy-handed Internet bloodlust stuff, this episode was mostly a success, thanks in no small part to Dorian and Kennex's growing robo-bromance. So it's a shame that next week they'll be back to square one in episode two. After watching their partnership grow over the past few weeks, it'll be jarring to see Kennex back to being skeptical about his robot partner. Since every episode is fairly self-contained plot-wise, there is really no good reason for Fox to keep jumbling the episode order. Hopefully things will even out over the rest of the season as we get back to the plot points set up in the first few episodes.

Next week: Kennex shoots a MX and comes to blows with Det. Paul!

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