Almost Human recap: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Kennex and Dorian play "Simon Says" with a mad bomber who broadcasts his twisted games over the Internet
Ep. 07 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

SIMPLE SIMON Will a crazed bomber drive Kennex and Dorian mad?


Meanwhile, in Rudy's lab, Dorian's low battery is causing him to pick up radio signals. They discuss Dorian's desire to move out of the robot warehouse, and Rudy notes that being alone isn't all it's cracked up to be, despite being able to make robotic butterflies whenever you feel like it. (That's not a metaphor -- Rudy makes robot butterflies. Oh, I hope we see those before the season finale...)

Kennex asks Rudy if he should be concerned about Dorian's mood swings, a callback to how the DRN android models were decommissioned due to not being able to keep their human-like emotions in check. Dorian overhears this because Kennex is whispering loudly only a few feet away and also because he's a robot with super hearing. Maybe go in another room to voice your concerns about your robot partner, Kennex. Rudy plays the audio from Ramon's car, which leads the team to the address where the mystery man was directing him to. They find an ancient compact disc selector which plays a message from the bad guy. Turns out the next victim will be a woman named Jeannie Hartman and only Kennex and Dorian can save her.

Later, our mystery man calls up the flower shop where Jeannie works and orders a dozen roses. (The artificially created roses in this scene are pretty cool. Are we to assume most vegetation and plant life has been destroyed by this point?) The mystery man knocks out Jeannie, attaches a bomb to her neck and announces to his viewers that the next show will be in 45 minutes. At the station, Det. Paul says there's no connection between Jeannie and Ramon. He knows this because he "checked their social networking profiles." Good to know that by 2048, trolling Facebook will still be law enforcement's primary means of collecting data. Jeannie, carrying flowers, is instructed to go to a gazebo in the park and dance to "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies. (As you may recall from episode three, Elton John is all but forgotten by 2048. The Hollies, on the other hand, are still a favorite among the mad bomber set.) Dorian and Kennex attempt to remove the bomb with Rudy's help, but the wiring turns out to be complex. (For a new-ish show, the writers have gone to the "cut the green wire!" well more than they probably should.)

Three minutes left, and Kennex gets the portable shield ready just in case. The commenters are ready for another explosion, and are getting annoyed that our mystery villain is giving the cops a chance to remove the bomb. Jeannie then reveals that she knows who is behind all of this. Turns out the mystery man is a guy she met online named Simon. In fact, they had a date in the very same park she's being held captive in right now! Simon brought her a bouquet of red orange roses, but she thought he was "so creepy." (It should be noted that Simon is played by David Dastmalchian, whose pointy features and swoop of emo hair have made him the go-to guy for creep roles in films like Prisoners and The Dark Knight.)

Like clockwork, the commenters turn on Simon, proving that no matter the year, the denizens of the Internet will always enjoy ripping on a nerdy loser. (Who cares if there's an android disabling a bomb that's strapped to a woman's neck? She just called him a creep! Let's all dogpile on the loser!) Jeannie says she got a bad feeling from Simon during their date, and when he went to the car to get the picnic basket, she took off. OUCH. She didn't even pretend to get a text from a friend or fake an emergency? She just ran off? Well, no wonder he turned into a psychopath who straps bombs on random people for kicks! Dorian and Kennex disable the bomb at the last second and Dorian initiates a group hug. (Seriously, Ealy is great at the emotional rollercoaster stuff.) The video's viewcount plummets, with commenters calling Simon a "disgrace." Also, one viewer writes "YOLO," which must mean they have a dictionary of 2013 slang handy.

NEXT: Dorian keeps going and going and going...

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