Almost Human recap: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Kennex and Dorian play "Simon Says" with a mad bomber who broadcasts his twisted games over the Internet
Ep. 07 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

SIMPLE SIMON Will a crazed bomber drive Kennex and Dorian mad?


Next, we jump to Ramon, this week's first victim. (We know he's going to die soon because he's talking with his wife on the phone about what he wants for dinner. That's the cop procedural show kiss of death.) A masked man posing as a window washer approaches Ramon's car and sprays him with a knockout liquid. Poor Ramon then wakes up in the 2048 version of Saw with a bomb strapped around his neck.

As a mysterious man watches, Ramon is told to take the gun in the briefcase next to him and go to the bank where he works. Turns out the whole thing is being streamed on the Web, complete with a scrolling comments section offering up such bon mots as "LOL. This is a hoax!" and "He scared like a PUNK!" (That one comes courtesy of a commenter named "H8erade," which I guess means that Gatorade is still plentiful in 2048 for that particular reference to work.)

Ramon is then forced to steal money from the bank or else he'll be blown up. As he speeds away, begging his mysterious attacker for the code to disarm the bomb, Kennex and Dorian show up and a chase ensues. Unfortunately, with only 46 seconds remaining, there isn't enough time to save poor Ramon. Kennex promises to find the culprit responsible for this, then proceeds to encase Ramon in a hand-held shield which we've never seen any of the cops use before but I'll excuse it since it's a cool visual. Ramon explodes, as does the video's comments section, with viewers asking our mysterious villain to "do another one" as if they'd just watched a video of a cat lip syncing to a Ke$ha song and not a human graphically dying inside a bubble. Oh, and a few viewers still think the whole thing was a hoax even though they live in a world with android cops and portable shield technology. Is a live-streamed murder all that crazy, people of the Internet in 2048?

Later, at the station, Det. Stahl tells Capt. Maldonado that the whole thing was broadcast live on an "unpatrolled part of the Internet" called "Darknet." Yikes!  That sounds pretty scary. Can you imagine a secret part of the Internet where all kinds of shady stuff happens and -- oh, wait, that's a real thing that's already happening right now. I kind of wish that the writers had come up with a different twist on the Internet instead of playing the Law & Order: SVU game by trying to scare us with something that already exists. (People are doing terrible things on unrestricted servers?! You don't say!!) Well, you know what they say about The Darknet. It may not be the Internet we deserve, but it's the one we need right now.

Anyway, Maldonado knows there's "a lot of disturbing videos" streaming on Darknet (uh, she knows this how exactly?), but is surprised that nobody is monitoring it for murder. They are, Val says, but they can't keep up! Val says the person responsible is all about "putting on a show and getting as many views as possible." (You know, like anyone who has ever uploaded a video to the Web.) She adds that the video got over 3,000 views which, to be fair, is pretty low by YouTube standards. Good luck getting a revenue share deal, shadowy evil dude.

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