Almost Human recap: Home Is Where the Horror Is

A killer "smart home" leads Kennex and Dorian to investigate a rogue group of hackers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 17, 2014

HOUSE HUNTERS  Can Dorian and Kennex defeat a killer home security system?


Emily, now in control of the building's security systems, sends the SAM androids after Mrs. Stenson and starts the oxygen shutdown sequence. Luckily Neko is right behind her playing hacker cat-and-hacker mouse. Dorian locates Emily but is attacked by a SAM android. A tussle ensues (yes, robot fight!), while Kennex has Neko use the hologram system to replicate him and confuse the other droids.

With a minute left until the oxygen system shuts down, Dorian faces off against Emily. He tells her that Aaron cared for her and that she shouldn't take her own life. At the last second, Neko stops the oxygen shut down. Emily reveals that Aaron was coming to see her the night he was killed.

At the station, Stahl tells Aaron's mother that he was trying to connect with Emily and shows her messages of support sent from all of her son's online friends. D'awwww! Even in the future people apparently still do the whole "holding a heartwarming sign in a photo meme" thing. Kind of surprising Stahl didn't pull up Buzzfeed 2048's list of "20 Heartwarming Messages In Support of Aaron Kasdan."

In the lab, Rudy shows Kennex the shadow files he found in Dorian's processing core. Turns out the images are organic memories that someone has implanted in Dorian. Kennex thinks they should tell him the truth, but Rudy wants to find out what is going on first. They agree to find out why the images were implanted in Dorian and by whom.

Despite the rather heavy-handed nods to the Zimmerman case and hacktivist groups like Anonymous, this episode was pretty solid overall. Yes, like every hacker storyline ever, the episode ended with people typing and yelling at computers. Still, the SAMs were appropriately creepy and the runner of Kennex coming up with increasingly embarrassing things to explain Det. Paul's absence provided some comedic relief. Dorian's memories are an interesting mystery to add to the pile of interesting mysteries that the show has been gradually teasing out. To recap, we have the mystery of what's beyond the Wall, who or what Dr. Vaughn is working with, where Anna is, what happened with Kennex's dad, and how Minka Kelly's hair always has that just out of the salon glow. (Chalk that last one up to the whole chrome thing from last episode.)

Unfortunately, it seems that our favorite robot buddy cop show is "on the bubble" in terms of its chances of being renewed for another season.There are two more episodes left of the initial order of 13 and zero indication of an extension beyond that. With Bones retaking its old time slot in a couple of weeks, Fox may be about to send Almost Human to the canceled show scrap heap. So now would probably be a good time to, say, start a "save the show" petition and/or start bombarding Fox with cases of Ramen noodles.

Next week: More future tech! More Dorian and Kennex car banter!

Bonus video: A clip from Smart House, the 1999 Disney movie starring Katey Sagal as "Pat," the titular automated house who can do everything from whipping up a smoothie to playing boy band dance clips on demand.

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