Almost Human recap: Home Is Where the Horror Is

A killer "smart home" leads Kennex and Dorian to investigate a rogue group of hackers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 17, 2014

HOUSE HUNTERS  Can Dorian and Kennex defeat a killer home security system?


Stahl meets with Aaron Kasdan's mother who reveals she was at a vigil for her son when the Bennetts were killed. Mrs. Kasdan believes that "smart houses" are dangerous and explains that Peter Newsome made her son out to be a criminal. She doesn't know why her son trespassed on the Bennetts' property that night, but he didn't deserve to die. Aaron was a loner, and spent a lot of time on his computer. (Not sure why the idea of a kid being on their computer all the time is novel by the year 2048, but just go with it.)

In the squad car, Dorian is still getting flashes of being a kid, which isn't possible since he came into being as a fully formed, dashing adult. Suddenly, the lights go out all over the city. A photo of Aaron is projected with the words "Justice for Aaron."

Later, the team watches a video from Disrupt claiming responsibility for the blackout. They're targeting Synturion and other companies who are putting dangerous tech into consumers' hands. The gang consults Rudy, who knows Crispin X, a "hacker for hire" who caused the blackout. Rudy thinks Crispin will be at a party celebrating the successful hack. So instead of sending Rudy in, which would've been hilarious, Stahl decides to go in using his hacker name which makes zero sense. Kennex volunteers to go with her, and Rudy says they need to look the part if they're going to pass as hackers. This means leather and spiky hair. Also, Stahl wears a purple wig that makes her look like Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy crossed with a character from Jem and the Holograms.

At the party, Stahl and Kennex discover that everyone there is jacked into a virtual reality world that strangely looks like a '90s rave. They find Crispin X, whose real name is Neko.

Dorian and Rudy discuss Dorian's new childhood memory. Rudy admits that when Dorian was decommissioned, he would occasionally wake him up and they would engage in spirited discussions. (Also some yodeling a "whole mail order bride debacle." Uh, that needs to be a flashback episode...) Dorian says that they're friends and Rudy doesn't have to keep things from him. (Rudy is of course keeping something from him.)

Neko admits he hacked into the city grid to honor Aaron Kasdan but didn't kill the Bennetts. Meanwhile, Peter Newsome has been murdered by his smart home. Dorian and Kennex determine that the murderer is someone who knew Aaron Kasdan personally. They offer Neko immunity, and in exchange he finds out that a girl named Emily Wilson was in the other half of the photo with Aaron. Turns out she has a history of violence and disappeared soon after Aaron was killed. Cut to Emily hacking into Mrs. Stenson's personal computer and leaving a photo of Aaron with the words "Do you feel safe?"

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