Almost Human recap: Another Brick in The Wall

The team races to stop a sexy killer robot with ties to Dorian's past
Ep. 09 | Aired Feb 3, 2014

INVENTING DORIAN: What happens when Dorian meets his maker?


Dorian tries to research the XRN, but Kennex says he won't find anything since the files were redacted. The XRN was made by Lumicore, the same company that made the DRNs and Dorian. Soon after Lumicore was integrated into the police force, the DRNs started to exhibit erratic behavior. (Some even took their own artificial lives as they were unable to cope with the day-to-day horrors of being a cop in 2048. Stew on that depressing thought, folks!) The DRNs were replaced by the MXs, which was of course bad for Lumicore's business. Lumicore developed the XRN, which they designed to be more soldier than cop. (Think of it like the new, sleek Robocop versus the clunky Peter Weller model.) Lumicore held a demo for the XRN which turned into a bloodbath. Oh, and they only developed ONE model. After three days of carnage, the cops destroyed the XRN, leaving behind only its head.

After examining the discarded robot head, Rudy determines that the XRN's body is weak and will require a power source. Cut to the XRN in a lab full of decommissioned sexbots. The XRN now has a new, curvier body and fanboys get a shot of Gina Carano in a bustier. (Hey, the producers really want a second season...) However, the XRN isn't alone. She grabs her shotgun, swings around and sees...Dr. Vaughn (John Larroquette)!

Kennex and the team arrive on the scene and learn that Vaughn created the XRN and named it "Danica" because, uh, he had a thing for race car driver Danica Patrick, I guess? Vaughn, who is the founder of Lumicore, also created Dorian and is surprised to see that he's still on the force. He has no idea what Danica, the greatest mistake of his career, could possibly want. But if he has some of his old equipment back, he might be able to trace her. Off to Rudy's lab!

Rudy is in awe of Vaughn and his creation "synthetic soul." Nigel explains that DNA might be the data, but the soul is the essence of life. He wanted to create life and thus created synthetic soul. Det. Paul reports that Danica broke into a tech company and stole 500 ZNA processing core. Rudy determines that the processing core could be used to create an army of Danicas. (Calm down, fanboys...)

Kennex and Dorian meet with a tech company rep who informs them that the bot has a cutting edge design and was likely built by a young designer. Dorian says they have to consider the possibility that the bot was created on the other side of The Wall. The tech rep snidely says they'd never have the resources over there. "Anyone this intelligent would not still be on that side of the wall," he says. "Not willingly anyway." (So the wall presumably keeps out the under classes? Or just Mance Rayder and his crew of wildlings? Seriously, this joke will never get tired...)

NEXT: I've got synthetic soul, but I'm not a soldier...

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