Almost Human recap: High and Dry

Rudy goes undercover to help the team take down a cop-killing drug dealer
Ep. 04 | Aired Dec 2, 2013

THE DRUGS DON'T WORK The Almost Human crew gets "the bends."


John tries to get info from The Bishop's henchman by beating the heck out of him. You think Dorian is going to be the good cop here, but instead he sticks his finger into the bad guy's wound. The thug reveals that Maxwell isn't actually The Bishop. You see, nobody meets The Bishop. He's like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget, only without the cat sidekick. While the team ponders the identity of The Bishop, Valerie sniffs the vial that Rudy drank from and Dorian reveals that he drank a counter-agent for the GPS solvent. John thinks someone inside the precinct must be involved since the GPS drink thing is police tech. Turns out the guy posing as The Bishop is a dealer whose case was thrown out by...Barros, the narcotics captain we met earlier! Barros is The Bishop!! This thing goes all the way to the top (of Barros' precinct anyway)!

Maldonado calls Barros to update him on the Cooper case, and they trace his cell. (You would think a shadowy drug dealer would be more careful about his personal cellphone being traced.) Barros/The Bishop is impressed with Rudy's skills, saying he's come closer than anyone to a perfect Bends cook. Rudy, taking Det. Paul's advice about believing his lies, says you have to listen to the ingredients, and relates it to the inner workings of a robot. (This is actually a nice moment that shows Rudy's connection to the robots he builds. Hopefully the writers will build on this and make Rudy become more and more obsessed with his creations.)

We're back to the opening scene now, with Rudy on the run from The Bishop's men. Dorian and John show up and a firefight ensues. Dorian and The Bishop's android get into a fight, which is awesome. (Please, show, give us more androids knocking each other around.) John chases The Bishop into the sewers, and Dorian uses a hook to rip off the evil android's head. The Bishop warns John that he'll go down for killing a captain. John of course kills him because he eats threats of departmental repercussion like so many tasty ramen noodles.

Back at the squad, everyone congratulates Rudy on a job well done and for not getting killed and all. Dorian insists that he and John take Rudy out for celebratory drinks at the local cop bar, which I assume is more friendly to robots than the one from earlier in the episode.

Overall, this episode was a big improvement from last week. We got to see the team work together, there was some fun banter between John and Dorian, and Mackenzie Crook continues to work wonders with an underwritten role. While we've still yet to come back to the Insyndicate storyline, at least this episode introduced a potentially deadly threat (we probably haven't seen the last of The Bends) and offered a showcase for one of the show's best characters. Still, I can't help but wish that Dorian would start exhibiting the "unpredictable" emotions we keep hearing about. (The show's disjointed feeling so far could partly be due to the fact that Fox is annoyingly airing the episodes out of order.)

Next week: A psychic helps John and Dorian hunt a killer! Minka Kelly in danger! (Hey, at least she finally gets to leave the precinct.)

Bonus video of the week: The intro to Future Cop, starring Ernest Borgnine as a veteran cop partnered with the future of law enforcement. As a commenter correctly pointed out last week, the short-lived show predates Holmes & Yoyo, making it TV's first human/robot buddy cop pairing.

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