Almost Human recap: High and Dry

Rudy goes undercover to help the team take down a cop-killing drug dealer
Ep. 04 | Aired Dec 2, 2013

THE DRUGS DON'T WORK The Almost Human crew gets "the bends."


Rudy agrees to pose as the cook, provided he can wear "something sophisticated and European" as a disguise. (Sidebar: I enjoyed the disembodied robot head who curses at Rudy for abandoning him.) John and Dorian head to the rough part of town, which kind of looks like every other part of town, and visit a bar that John says doesn't take kindly to androids. (You know the place is for real because they're blaring "Welcome to the Terrordome." For those keeping track of the music scene in 2048, last week we learned that everybody has pretty much forgotten about Elton John. It's good to know that Public Enemy is still in rotation in seedy bars at least.) John goes in alone and immediately gets tossed out of the window. That's what happens when you leave your super strong android sidekick outside. They eventually shake down a dealer holding some Bends, and convince him to set up a meeting with The Bishop in exchange for getting weapons charges against his girlfriend dropped. (John once again makes Dorian bend the rules, but since they never get in trouble there really isn't any tension to these moments.)

Back at the precinct, Valerie and Det. Paul are teaching Rudy how to convincingly act like a shady drug cook. (Rudy wants to wear a fedora, but gets shot down. Clearly everyone has forgotten about Heisenberg.)  Rudy tries to replicate the drug, and causes an explosion that puts a hole in a nearby android's eye, which is hilarious. Please, show, more random android injury.

Tommy sets up the deal with The Bishop in an abandoned building by the pier, which Maldonado says makes sense as it's discreet. (Where else would a shadowy drug dealer stage a meeting?) Rudy then drinks a serum that makes his body a GPS locator that can't be detected by drug dealers for some reason. (Even by this show's standards, drinkable GPS is a bit much.)  Rudy goes to meet with The Bishop, and Det. Paul, posing as a bum, releases some robotic surveillance roaches, which are so much cooler than the actual disease-carrying kind.

At the meet, Rudy immediately blows his cover, and nervously passes gas while facing down the barrel of a gun. (If you had episode 4 in your office "When will the show resort to a fart joke?" pool, congrats, you can collect your winnings now.) Eventually Rudy is taken to a lab and starts his cook, where he produces a 95 percent pure batch of The Bends on his first try. (Clearly The Bends is easier to manufacture than meth.) The Bishop shows up and makes Rudy drink something that kills his GPS locator before taking him to the real lab.  The team bursts in, but Rudy and The Bishop are gone. Luckily they scanned The Bishop's face and discovered that his name is Maxwell.

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