Almost Human recap: High and Dry

Rudy goes undercover to help the team take down a cop-killing drug dealer
Ep. 04 | Aired Dec 2, 2013

THE DRUGS DON'T WORK The Almost Human crew gets "the bends."


Later, John and Dorian find a stash of the drug -- which is made from a rare algae and goes by the name The Bends --  in Cooper's car. (Presumably the name comes from the sickness one gets from deep sea diving and not the Radiohead album of the same name.) Det. Paul (Michael Irby) immediately jumps to the conclusion that Cooper is dirty, because rash jumps to conclusion are his main personality trait so far. But John knew Cooper, and believes he was deep undercover. You know, because of the wire inside his tummy and all.

Back at the precinct, Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) is meeting with Alexio Barros, head of the narcotics division at Cooper's precinct. Barros reveals that Cooper was a good cop, but he was a "dog with a bone" who had gone rogue in his quest to prevent The Bends from hitting the streets. Maldonado says she knows the type, and we cut to John as if there was any doubt as to which refuses-to-play-by-the-book member of her squad she was referring to. (Hint: It's not Minka Kelly.) John and Dorian meet with Cooper's wife,  who remembers that he went to his family cabin right before he died.

While investigating the cabin, John finds the recorder that Cooper's wire was transmitting to. Back at the precinct, the team listens to the botched deal and Maldonado reveals that vice has been after The Bishop for over a decade but nobody can get close to him. Valerie (Minka Kelly) thinks The Bishop is looking to mass produce the highly addictive Bends and create an epidemic. Cut to some teens tweaking out on the stuff and turning green, which is way grosser than junkies injecting "Nuke" into their necks in RoboCop 2. John offers to pose as a cook in order to score a meeting with The Bishop. (Maldonado: "You can't cook ramen!" Seriously, John needs to vary his diet a smidge.) Maldonado thinks John is getting too close to the case, and wants to hand it over to Narcotics. But then John suggests the perfect team member to pose as a skeezy designer drug cook -- Rudy.

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