Almost Human recap: We've Got a Situation Here

Dorian and John try not to "die hard" when they're thrown into a tense hostage situation in a high-rise building.
Ep. 03 | Aired Nov 25, 2013

BUILDING A MYSTERY Do androids dream of Bruce Willis movies?

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Back in his creepy lab, Rudy is working on the decoy device while Chip, who is easily the jerkiest MX on the force, orders him to hurry up already. At the Sanderson building, Paige (who I guess was on hold during the shootout and John's botched repair job? Wouldn't she be concerned that the cop who is ostensibly going to save her life just accidentally shut off his robot partner?) is still worried about her sister, so John tries to calm her down by telling her that his middle name is Reginald. (His dad was a big Elton John fan, a reference Paige doesn't get. Sorry, Sir Elton! Turns out everyone has pretty much forgotten that you ever existed by 2048.) John uses a piece of chewing gum to patch Dorian up because while nobody knows who Elton John is anymore, MacGyver reruns are clearly plentiful in this dystopian future.

The terrorist who escaped the shootout tells Lucas that John and Dorian are in the building, which of course angers him and leads him to yell at Maldonado some more. Paige wants to be with her sister if they're all going to die, so she leaves the safety of the utility closet and somehow isn't noticed by the terrorists when she joins the hostages.

The fake ignitor is now finally ready, and is sent up by one of the flying drones we saw earlier so the show can make the most out of its effects budget. Paige tells the terrorists, who obviously don't keep a very good headcount of their hostages, that she has to go to the restroom and then leaves her phone out in the open so that John and Dorian can hear what's going on. The drone arrives with the fake device, and Lucas tells his man to send a message to the "other crew." Turns out the fission ignitor was just a red herring, and he isn't even going to use it! Dorian wonders if the ignitor was just a diversion (ya think, super smart robot?) and John tells him to scan nearby buildings for anything of value. He finds a nearby building filled with the precious metal Palladium, and John realizes that the bad guys are pulling the old "pretend to be terrorists in order to stage a heist" scam. (Clearly no one on the police force has ever seen Die Hard.) Cut to the other crew, who are indeed loading precious Palladium into bags while the cops sit there worrying about the hostages like a bunch of suckers. Lucas then has his men plant a light bomb and gather up some hostages as insurance. They're going to kill the other hostages after all! No good terrorists, er, common thieves pose as terrorists!

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