Almost Human recap: We've Got a Situation Here

Dorian and John try not to "die hard" when they're thrown into a tense hostage situation in a high-rise building.
Ep. 03 | Aired Nov 25, 2013

BUILDING A MYSTERY Do androids dream of Bruce Willis movies?

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Back at HQ, Maldonado is having a heck of a time getting that fission ignitor, but thankfully Rudy has an idea. (We've so far only ever seen Rudy in the dimly lit lab/storage warehouse where he maintains the androids, so it's a little weird that he just happens to be right behind Maldonado at this exact moment. That said, Mackenzie Crook is great as Rudy, so the more scenes he's in the better.) Rudy suggests building a replica fission ignitor and passing it off as the genuine article. As long as the thugs don't try to use it right then and there, their harebrained scheme just might work. Stahl tells Maldonado that Lucas is a high level operative in the Holy Reclamation Army, a terrorist group that hates the West and has a history of violent hostage situations. Basically, they mean business, like pretty much every other terrorist group who has ever taken over a building.

Back on the longest stair climb of all time, Dorian is explaining the likelihood of humans tripping on stairs (is this how he plans to "accidentally" kill John someday?) when (finally!) a couple of machine gun-toting terrorists show up and a shootout ensues. They split up, and during the firefight John uses the alarm on his phone (second alarm on the show this week -- are alarms Almost Human's answer to origami unicorns??) to draw out the gunman, who takes a hit and runs off. (Not sure why a phone alarm would cause the gunman to reveal his position, but whatever.) Dorian takes down the second gunman but unfortunately also takes a ricochet shot to the head. John and Dorian then discover that the dead gunman is wearing a facial hologram mask, and is actually an armed robber and not a member of the Holy Reclamation Army. Even worse, it seems Dorian's "dynamic voltage scaling" has been damaged, meaning he could lose the ability to walk. Apparently androids are like zombies in that the key to taking them down is also a shot to the noggin.

Meanwhile, Lucas is getting impatient waiting for his fission thingie, and Dorian determines that all of the terrorists are using hologram face projectors. John finds a used Q-tip in the trash and attempts to repair Dorian. Turns out he has to cut the magenta wire to fix Dorian's programming because the writers needed to check "cut the colored wire scene" off of their action movie cliché checklist. Naturally, John cuts the wrong wire and Dorian turns off. Ruh roh!

NEXT: At least he wasn't named Levon...

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