Almost Human recap: We've Got a Situation Here

Dorian and John try not to "die hard" when they're thrown into a tense hostage situation in a high-rise building.
Ep. 03 | Aired Nov 25, 2013

BUILDING A MYSTERY Do androids dream of Bruce Willis movies?

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The episode kicks off with John at home taking Dorian's tip from episode one about using olive oil on his synthetic leg. (Hey, whaddya know, it works! Dorian should totally write a listicle of helpful "android maintenance hacks" for Buzzfeed.) We cut to Nakatomi Plaza, I mean, the Sanderson Corporation, where James the security guard is flirting with a receptionist in a way that just screams "this dude will die a horribly painful death in less than five minutes." Suddenly, a team of gunmen storm the building and kill poor James and plant a device.

Next, we find Dorian complaining about John's punctuality and the distinct odor of olive oil permeating the cop car. John retorts by using Dorian's internal core to heat his coffee. (Since Dorian knows what temperature John likes his coffee, does that mean he also has a built-in Nespresso mode?) Dorian points out that unlike John, he pays attention to details. (This seems like it's going to be important later in the episode, but it actually isn't.) The duo get a distress call and head over to the Sanderson building. The building's cameras have been cut, but Dorian accesses the archived footage and sees the gunmen take out the security guard and head to the 25th floor. John orders the building to be evacuated and heads up the stairwell with Dorian because who needs to wait for the SWAT team when you've got your robot buddy by your side, am I right?

Meanwhile, the thugs, who look like they could be on Hans Gruber's B-team, are emptying out offices and taking hostages. The lead thug decides it's time to get the cops' attention and sets off the device in the lobby, creating a huge crater. Back at HQ, Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly) tells Captain Maldonado that John and Dorian are ascending the building. Maldonado tells John to get out there you crazy loose cannon, but of course he doesn't listen to her and instead suggests she jam all communication coming in and out of the building so that the thugs can't, uh, upload selfies to whatever Instagram is in 2048, I guess. Seems like they would want to be able to communicate with the bad dudes taking over the building, but whatever. John then pretends like he's losing the signal on his phone, because apparently even 35 years from now "I'm sorry, you're breaking up" will still be the easiest way to hang up on your boss.

NEXT: A Breaking Bad cameo! (No, it's not Badger.)

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