Almost Human season finale recap: The Last 'Straw'

Kennex and Dorian pursue a vicious serial killer with ties to Kennex's late father.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 4, 2014

NEEDLE IN THE HAY Can Kennex and Dorian catch the "Straw Man" killer?


At the precinct, Stahl found that the new Straw Man's stitching is identical to the original's work and no longer believes the copycat theory either. Maldonado gives Kennex his father's case file which was sealed by Internal Affairs. Kennex wants to keep his dad's theory on the DL since some of the parties involved might still be on the force. Meanwhile, Dorian advises Rudy to act like a stiff, subservient MX robot during his next review to make the investigators more comfortable.

Looking into old case files, Kennex finds that his dad believed that someone planted DNA evidence and a weapon on Michael Costa, pinning him for the Straw Man murders. Kennex also notices that his dad circled the feet of all of the Straw Man's victims. At the lab, Rudy reveals that Abby's body is a clone. Also, as Kennex's pop discovered, all of the victims are flatfooted. Using his organic printer and a cupcake as an example, Rudy demonstrates a flaw in the old printers that caused them to be unable to create arches in human feet. The killer has been copying his victims as a way to keep them hidden. But why is he keeping them alive? (Nice to see the bioprinters make another appearance. They're a reminder of just how easy it'll be to make clones by 2048.)

Turns out the killer's bioprinter is unable to print human organs, thus the whole filling them with straw thing. Kennex tells Maldonado that his dad believed Costa was set up. However, before his death, someone framed Kennex's dad for stealing robotics parts from the evidence locker and selling them on the black market.

The team finds the body of another runaway girl. Like the other victims, she has a pinprick from the meal supplement machine, so the team scrambles to check out various homeless shelters. Det. Paul poses as a homeless guy and gives a young man some money because he actually has a heart of gold under that gruff, robot hating exterior. In the car, Dorian is singing "Hello" by Lionel Richie which may be the greatest moment of the entire series. Dorian asks Kennex if he thinks his dad could have stolen the robot parts. Kennex tells Dorian a story about how his dad refused to take a cut of some drug money back in the old days when every cop was on the take. His dad was the only honest person on the force and is the reason Kennex is a cop today.

At the homeless shelter, Glenn tries to approach another victim but notices the MXs on patrol. Paul, still doing his homeless schtick, notices that the glasses worn by the homeless kid he helped out earlier have been left behind. Glenn's murder van is pulling away but Paul calls it in, and Kennex and Dorian pursue.

After raiding Glenn's lab, the team finds all of the victims inside coffin-like chambers. Dorian finds Glenn, but it's a duplicate that is rigged to explode. Suddenly, the real Glenn knocks Kennex down. They fight, and Kennex eventually shoots Glenn. Dorian examines the body and finds that Glenn is a cyborg. The parts in Glenn's lab are all from the police evidence locker. Kennex thinks his dad figured out who stole the parts. Even stranger, Officer Grant, who was in charge of the evidence locker at the time, was killed in the line of duty three weeks after Kennex's dad.

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