Almost Human recap: Depth Perception

Kennex and Dorian investigate deaths caused by a new designer drug with ties to Detective Stahl's past
Ep. 10 | Aired Feb 10, 2014


Later, Kennex visits the back alley Recollectionist who helps him remember that Anna gave him a gift -- a Russian nesting doll. (Duh. No one ever just buys a Russian nesting doll. It's always a gift that sits on your shelf forever collecting dust.) He takes the doll to McGinnis, a lab tech who I'm 99.9 percent sure we've never seen before but apparently has been helping Kennex for a while now. Not sure why he didn't go to Rudy, but, hey, maybe she'll be a possible love interest for everyone's favorite awkward robot IT guy.

Dorian and Kennex visit Scarlett's dad who holo-beams in his attorney, a nice trick that saves everyone a trip to the precinct. He wanted to protect his daughter after Lyla's death, and admits to covering up the fact that all the girls took the drug together. Also, Lyla's mom told him they'd all pay for hiding the truth, so, you know, she's clearly guilty.

Turns out Lyla's mom put a lot of pressure on her daughter to be perfect and keep up with the chromes. Julian the dealer cared for Lyla and kept the recording she made after she took the mind-expanding drug. The drug made her realize she would never be perfect and spurred her to commit suicide. Her mother blamed Eleanor and Scarlett for exposing Lyla to the drug and hired the hacker who gave them the lethal doses.

At the precinct, the Internal Affairs rep thinks Kennex's feelings for Anna clouded his judgement. Could it be that Kennex forgot to follow protocol and now can't remember his mistake? At home, Kennex deletes his Post-It notes, realizing he's becoming obsessive like Lyla's mother. But he has reason to be concerned -- McGinnis calls and reveals that the doll is a listening device! So InSyndicate has been spying on Kennex this whole time, perhaps inadvertently making him the leak in the department. Or maybe they were just looking for tips on good ramen spots.

So what did we all think of this episode? After last week's reveal of John Larroquette's Dr. Vaughn as the season's potential "big bad" and hints of growing troubles beyond "The Wall," it's a little hard to care about yet another designer drug plotline. The stuff about normal people competing with chromes was interesting, but we didn't get any further insight into Stahl's character. So she's perfect but also has feelings for us norms. And we should care why exactly?

Also, the episode juggling hasn't done the Anna/InSyndicate plotline any favors. It's hard to care about the ex-girlfriend that Kennex barely mentions when we know that Dr. Vaughn is potentially building an army of killer robots on the other side of the Wall. Hopefully the writers will connect the Anna thread to the far more interesting threat of Dr. Vaughn and the mystery beyond the Wall. Also, how about some more details about what happened with Kennex's dad?

There was also a decided lack of Dorian punching stuff/doing anything cool or important. Outside of a few choice one-liners, he was mostly relegated to nagging Kennex about his health this week. Please don't turn Dorian into Kennex's personal fitness tracker, show. Also, more Rudy, please.

The episode order should be back on track next week. I'm looking forward to seeing how the back half of the season progresses. (Hopefully it involves less Stahl and more robot fisticuffs.)

Next Week: Someone's messing with Dorian's head!

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