Almost Human recap: Depth Perception

Kennex and Dorian investigate deaths caused by a new designer drug with ties to Detective Stahl's past
Ep. 10 | Aired Feb 10, 2014


Dorian asks if Kennex is seeing a "Recollectionist" (a back alley memory doctor) and lists the side effects of the drug that he's currently popping like Tic Tacs. (Of course diarrhea is one of them. Sorry, folks. Pharmaceutical science hasn't really evolved all that much by 2048.) Kennex says back off man, he needs the pills to remember details about the ambush.

(Okay, now here is a perfect example of how Fox's episode juggling is messing with story continuity. Production-wise, this is technically episode four but it's airing as the tenth episode. So are we to believe that this is the first time that Dorian has noticed that Kennex is taking dangerous memory boosters? If he regularly checks Kennex's vitals, certainly he would've noticed the drugs in his partner's system before now. Dorian suddenly getting wise to Kennex's pill popping works in episode four. Not so much 10 episodes deep.)

Moving on, Lyla's mom reveals that her daughter isn't a chrome like her pals, she's just a normal girl in a school filled with perfect students. (She's the scholarship kid at Gossip Girl academy, if you will.) Stahl talks to a girl who, like Lyla, is one of the few "naturals" at the school. The girl can tell that Stahl is a chrome. (No kidding -- the impossibly perfect cheekbones are a dead giveaway.) Turns out the drug works best on chromes -- it expands their mind and makes them achieve their full potential. Also, it should be noted that all of the chromes at the school are creepy Stepford children.

Later, Rudy determines that the drug was created using a chemical printer. (So by 2048 you'll be able to print out your poison of choice the same way you do your yard sale fliers.)  They trace the chem printer that made this particular drug to an expelled Mendel student. Also, Lyla only took one dose and her cause of death was drowning, while Eleanor and Scarlett died from large quantities of the drug, leading Dorian to deduce that the dealer killed them. In the car, Kennex gets another flash of Anna, and they get into an accident. Dorian now has to wear a bandage on his ear, which is pretty funny. The dealer's name is Julian, a student who knew Lyla. Dorian scans him -- he's so high right now on the super drug. Julian says someone hacked the printer and upped the doses that Eleanor and Scarlett took.

That evening, Maldonado and Kennex meet for drinks to discuss Kennex's pill popping. Kennex still feels guilty for letting Anna into the precinct, which led to the evidence room getting raided. Maldonado says he can't let revenge consume him. Also he'll need to talk to Internal Affairs because, you know, cop show.

NEXT: What do Kennex and Sochi have in common?

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