The Celebrity Apprentice recap: Live From Melania Trump's Bathroom!

One team spells Lady Trump's name wrong during a challenge to promote her skin care line
Ep. 06 | Aired Apr 7, 2013

WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE CARNIVAL? Warning: Ferris Wheel ride included.


But Penn gave the best presentation of all-time when compared to Team Power. First off, Team Power allowed Dennis to speak first. I understand he was the Project Manager, but unless that week’s project is “Lose the Task,” then Dennis Rodman should not be speaking in any form. But that wasn’t the real doozy. The real doozy was the tag line of “Simply Milania…Simply Luxury.” But they forgot the third part: “Simply Misspelled.” You see, Milania is actually Melania, and not only did nobody on the team notice their error on the original print, but nobody noticed when they looked at their final product, and nobody noticed during their entire 15 minute presentation!

The best part about it is that even after the presentation was over, they still didn’t realize they had screwed up her name. Lil Jon thought they killed it! Little did they know that the Trumps were killing them after they left the room. “I cannot believe that spelled my name wrong,” said Melania. “It’s all over the place and nobody even noticed. Amazing.” Amazing indeed.

4. Stephen Baldwin Swipes Lisa Rinna’s Hype
You know who else is amazing? Stephen Baldwin. Once in the Boardroom, Trump had his children pass each team the other’s display. This would be the money shot of the episode. Who would be the first person to notice the spelling screw up? It was Stephen Baldwin! Or was it? I have studied this reveal over and over from every possible angle (the only one NBC provided, unfortunately) and every possible speed. I have pored over every frame as if it’s the freakin’ Zapruder film, and all I can say is…J’accuse!

Stephen was not the first person to notice that Melania’s name was spelled wrong. It was Lisa Rinna! Go back and watch the tape. She points to the faulty name on the display, directing Baldwin to take a look as well. THEN, Stephen asks Trump how to spell Melania. Now because Baldwin was the one who asked, I could see why Trump mistakenly gave him the credit for noticing. But did Stevie B bother to correct him and make sure that the proper credit reached the proper person? HELL NO! He took that credit and ran with it! And he kept on running with it, all the way into the celebrity suite after their team was named the winners of the task. His run was abruptly cut short, however, once it was revealed that Baldwin also had Melania’s name wrong, spelling it “Ma…” instead of “Me…” I suppose the slip up to “Ma” could be forgiven considering he most likely still had Mama Baldwin and her bizarre sexual fantasy with Donald Trump on his brain. I know it will never leave mine.

5. Gary Busey: Celebrity For Hire!
Memo to any and all companies: Gary Busey loves pitching products. But do you know what he loves pitching even more? Himself! So in Gary Busey’s perfect world, he would be a celebrity spokesman for every product ever invented, starting with Fart Gas. On his last season, Busey went all out to pitch himself as a celebrity endorser for Australian Gold suntan lotion right in front of his horrified teammates and clearly frightened Australian Gold executives. He also went crazy with Omaha Steaks, trying to convince the executives that all they needed to achieve complete and total world domination was Gary Busey and a kite. And if you really want to see Busey at his most Buseyesque, just check out one of his spectacular local car dealership ads.

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