The Celebrity Apprentice recap: Donald Trump is Dead

One team discovers a celebrity impersonator has kicked the bucket, while a familiar and flamboyant face returns
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

THE JORDAN RULES Claudia was in charge, but not even Lil Jon as Uncle Sam could save her

Image Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

The biggest problem with nobody bringing Omarosa back into the Boardroom is that it robs us of the hilarity of watching Trump come up with clearly lame excuses to keep her around just because he is of the misguided opinion that she makes good television. For crissakes, at least make the man sweat a little bit in keeping her. By not even bringing her back, you’re doing all the work for him! As Trump himself said — while managing to once again pat himself and his show on the back — “In the history of The Apprentice, 13 seasons, top show, I’ve been surprised a handful of times. The most surprised ever was that Omarosa was not brought back by La Toya. I think the second is you not bringing back Omarosa. You’re bringing back Lil Jon?”

Yeah, what the hell was that?!? Lil Jon got more praise than anybody on either team. Why? Because he busted out a little Uncle Sam action, and we know how Farouk feels about Uncle Sam. (Almost as good as he feels about Aubrey O’Day.) “I think it’s a stupid decision,” said The Trumpster.

After being raked all over the coals for being scared to take on Omarosa in the Boardroom, Claudia dug an even deeper hole for herself: “Wait a minute. Can I change my mind?” Way to stick to your guns, woman! No, she couldn’t, and like last week, it was a case of a dead Project Manager walking as she waited to be brought back in alongside Lil Jon and Dennis.

At least we got a little intrigue in the reception area while they waited to go back in. I’m referring not to Claudia’s lame attempts to get Lil Jon to help her gang up on Dennis while sitting mere inches away from the man (“Let’s get him fired. He’s dead weight.”). No, I’m referring to Dennis Rodman trying to get his Farouk Shami on by blatantly hitting on Amanda the phony baloney receptionist. Back off, Rodman! That’s MY girl! Or maybe it’s Adrian the elevator operator’s girl.  She’s both of our girls! It’s a weird love triangle thing I don’t really want to get into right now. The point is, there’s no room for a fourth here, so keep it moving. Thankfully, Brande was looking out for me and interrupted their little flirty chatter by asking Dennis for a hug. But wait, was Brande looking out for Adrian and me or does she want Amanda all to herself?

In any event. Claudia got skewered some more for not bringing Omarosa back, Trump wondered out loud if he should go to his impersonator’s funeral, and then Ms. Jordan was fired. All in all, it made for what was my favorite episode of the season so far — not surprising seeing as how the entire thing was dripping with Shami.

Now it’s your turn. What were your favorite moments of the episode? Are you Team Farouk or Team Basim? And will someone ever bring Omarosa back into the Boardroom? Hit the message boards to let us know. And for more Celebrity Apprentice news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Until next week: Cluck, Cluck…Splash!

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