The Celebrity Apprentice recap: Donald Trump is Dead

One team discovers a celebrity impersonator has kicked the bucket, while a familiar and flamboyant face returns
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

THE JORDAN RULES Claudia was in charge, but not even Lil Jon as Uncle Sam could save her

Image Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

6. The Death of Donald Trump
You knew Claudia was screwed when the former Miss Rhode Island could not even get the current Miss Rhode Island (who also happens to be Miss USA) to help her on the task — because she was helping the other team! Team Power then decided to move onto Plan B, which technically would have made more sense for the team called Plan B, but whatevs.

Unfortunately, their backup plan did not include Dennis Rodman’s suggestion of a ferris wheel, homeless women, drag queens, and dogs. Instead, it involved something equally nonsensical: celebrity lookalikes. They wanted to hire someone to play a celebrity with famously awful hair, which sounds like the complete opposite of what you would want for a challenge having everything to do with good-looking hair, but maybe that’s just me. Of course, the celeb whose hair gets made fun of the most is none other than their big boss man, Donald Trump.

Just one teensy weensy little problem: DONALD TRUMP IS DEAD!!! At least the Donald Trump impersonator they wanted to hire is dead. Not only is he dead, but he just died yesterday! Yesterday, huh? Look, I don’t want to be a huge conspiracy theorist, but wasn’t Carol Baldwin in town yesterday? And doesn’t she have a thing for Donald Trump? Maybe once she realized she was never going to get a night of passion with the real deal she decided to settle for the next best thing. And maybe the Donald Trump impersonator simply couldn’t handle that Carol Baldwin heat! Could that have led to the stroke? I’m just putting it out there. You can draw your own conclusions, but I will leave you with this: It’s no more far-fetched than the concept of “fart gas."

“Maybe that’s a bad omen,” said Lil Jon about their impersonator dying. “I don’t know.” Yes it is, and yes you do. Especially when it left the team with perhaps the most frightening Joan Rivers impersonator on the planet Earth. Again, some dude in a bad wig is not really the way you want to be promoting hair care products.

7. Omarosa Inexplicably Dodges Another Bullet
Was the entire All-Star Celebrity Apprentice cast lobotomized before the season began? Or were they always this stupid? Last week, after bashing Omarosa mercilessly, La Toya made the inexplicable decision to not bring her back into the Boardroom with her. Then this week, after telling Don Jr. during the task that Omarosa was one of her two weakest members, Claudia went and did the exact same thing after she was announced the loser. Honestly, this is nuttier than anything Gary Busey ever did on the show. Claudia was in the room last episode and saw how Trump ripped La Toya for being scared to face Omarosa. And yet she did it all over again!

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